5 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner

The search for the perfect event planner can certainly be quite nerve-racking. But don’t worry, we’re here to give you hand!

Over the span of many years, event planning and management has matured to become a professional service much like any other paid service that requires a certain skill set, experience and expertise. The nuptials are composed of a wide array of elements and aspects, from elegant décor details to delectable food. It is over here the wedding planner assumes a ‘directorial’ role of sorts. The several pieces of the puzzle are fixed together by the planner, who closely monitors all departments to ensure efficiency and a hassle-free experience. Moreover, your wedding planner may be instrumental in helping you narrow down on the other vendors for your wedding. Hence, when it comes to picking the ideal planner, you must certainly be picky!

Arun Bablani and Rahul Kumar, co-founders of Vivaah Weddings, an award winning bespoke wedding planning and management service, give us the low-down on how to select the ideal event planner.

1. Are you a comprehensive wedding planning service or do you provide limited services?

Make sure that you are wise when it comes to such clarifications. Event planners should ideally be involved in the planning and management process all throughout, every step of the way. Having said that, they most certainly should welcome your inputs and suggestions, because at the end of the day it is your day. You must uphold an open line of communication, share your wish-list with them and may freely express your expectations so that they can carry out the necessary steps to help achieve the wedding of your dreams.

2. Will you be able to deliver as promised?

Initially it may all just be a vision and a bleak concept in your mind. However, to bring it to life, the contribution of several different vendors and service providers along with hours of communication, coupled with timely co-ordination on the day of the event, is required. An event planner may also bring in value added services such as negotiating contracts on your behalf, selecting a set of credible and professional vendors, liaising with all parties involved for timely execution, settling invoices on your behalf, drafting out contingency plans in case of an emergency and a whole lot more.

3. Do you work with the right partners and vendors?

Along with offering professional advice, having a network of reliable partners and an experience of having created and executed successful events, an event planner can be a real stress-buster. Thereby, it is essential to identify the right event planner and invest in their services sensibly. Your ideal wedding planner should have a great reputation and relation with the best vendors, venues and service providers out there! This ensures a smooth flow of events during the days of celebration.

4. Seek references of past clients and past events.

As they say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ and ‘All that glitters is not Gold’. Make sure that you are not deceived by online profiles or flashy websites. Do check for past work references and request your planner for past client references to be a 100% sure when opting for the perfect planner.

5. Are you easily reachable for communication?

Once you’ve selected your event planner, spend as much time possible to discuss with them what you have envisioned for your big day. While an event planner may always suggest ideas and recommend themes for your event, you must keep an active line of communication going so that you can openly evaluate your ideas, interests, preferences, budget restrictions and more importantly, address the ‘dos and don'ts’. Check for a progress update regularly so that you know where you stand at any particular point in time during the planning process. The main idea is for you to relax and enjoy the festivities and celebrations with your loved ones, rather than having to co-ordinate with multiple vendors and being hassled with operations on the day.


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