5 Perfect Ways to Propose At Home

Its time you add yourself to the #quarantineproposal list with these heartwarming at-home proposal ideas.

Did the pandemic ruin the opportunity to give your better-half a fairytale proposal? Or maybe your partner and you don't feel the need to manifest your love in public. Whatever the reason may be, a proposal can be as romantic and intimate, even at home!

While at-home proposals aren't nearly as popular as grand, public displays of love, going down on one knee within the four walls of your home is a different experience all-together, and can be pretty memorable too. Taking this idea forward, we list down 5 perfect, low-key ways to pop the question at your humble abode.

Whip Up a Gourmet Meal

If there wasn't a lockdown in place, you'd probably take your partner out for a romantic, candle-light dinner date. Some fine wine, scrumptious food, and lots of laughter. Too cliche maybe?

The new you needs to spice things up bit. Impress your partner by whipping up a fancy gourmet meal right at home (or brekkie in bed). When else are you going to sift through online recipe tutorials? Is she craving Italian? Spaghetti Bolognese right up! Is Pan-Asian her go-to soul food? A healthy, hearty bowl of love would be just perfect!

Movie-Night Surprise

Even if she wasn't going to, this proposal idea will probably make her spurt out YES. Pick your favourite love story movie, get the popcorn in order, and wait. Wait for that heartwarming proposal scene that always get's her teary-eyed. As soon as that scene arrives, go down on your knee IRL! (mimic the exact movie dialogues, if that helps). #relationshipgoals

A Virtual (Secret Proposal) Party

Host your regular Zoom meeting with friends and family (little does she know that this meeting is far from regular). When you gauge the perfect opportunity, pop the question in front of one and all! Those reactions will be PRICELESS. Moreover, there's truly nothing better than celebrating your special moments with your loved ones.

Wall of Love

This one would require a little bit of effort, but you signed up for this. Go down memory lane and compile a bunch of photos from your relationship. Hang them up on the walls (of course do this when your partner isn't around), and await a jaw-dropping surprise as she enters. Next, both of you could dress up, light a few candles, and dance away to your favourite romantic tunes.

Play a Game

Is your partner a board game lover? If yes, this idea is just right. Maybe a treasure hunt around the house until she finds the rock? A game of charades to act out your love? The sky is truly the limit.

Use your post-dinner board games scene as the perfect opportunity to spill the beans. From drawing your heart out (quite literally) in a game of Pictionary to confessing your love through Scrabble, she definitely wouldn't have seen this coming.

Best of luck and congratulations in advance!


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