5 Men and Women Reveal How They Found Out They Were Being Cheated On

"I was returning to university and it seems he celebrated my departure by going out for a party that very night, and hooking up with my best friend!"

I think we all think we think we know what 'cheating' really means. Did that last line just throw you off? Well, that's exactly how many feel about the term cheating.

A taboo word in the dating dictionary, while cheating has nothing but a negative connotation to it, it's perception ain't so black and white after all. For some, the 'unfaithful act of intercourse' is a definitive relationship deal-breaker, while for others 'emotional cheating' is bad enough, if not worse!

In the end, it's all about being on the same page as your S.O, but that's a long shot eh? In a world where one abides by rules and regulations and shares a universal understanding about a notion, won't it make life far too easy (and a bit boring, perhaps?) Well, that's for you to say, but all we know is that infidelity in a committed relationship is a big no-no.

Since having an explicit dream about another woman and secretly seeing your friends roommate may both qualify as cheating, we got 5 men and women to share their unfortunate experiences of being cheated on, to widen you perspective let's say?

"I began realising that my boyfriend was creeping when I saw him like other girls’ pictures. At first, I thought that’s alright, but he started liking his ex’s uploads? Like WTF. I asked him about it and he brushed it off saying that his friends mess around with his account and stuff. There was so much conviction every time he gave a justification that I just let it go. Soon enough, he broke up with me over a trivial matter and I didn’t even bother. The next thing I know, he'd started dating his ex again and they’d been hooking up ever since! The worst part is that he made the breakup look like it was all my fault! Are you kidding me?" ~Anonymous, 20

"I was returning to university and he promised to come see me off. Our call lasted all the way from our emotional 'goodbye's' at the airport till the flight actually took off. I did nothing but think of him throughout the flight and I figured he would be doing the same at home. Well, no. It seems he celebrated my departure by going out for a party that very night, and hooking up with my best friend! No one told me until a month later...Well, they are still dating and I don’t speak to either of them." ~ Anonymous, 21

"We were really enjoying our honeymoon phase; a 100% invested in each other. But I won't lie that at times I did feel weird as my girlfriend's phone would be busy after she told me she was going to sleep. I naturally assumed that she had a friendly emergency or something. Whenever I asked her about it, she said her girlfriend called her up with some personal issues which she couldn’t share (cause girl code, you know). It was only later that I found out that she was talking to her ex and using me to make him jealous. All she told him was that I kept calling her and she wasn’t interested. I confronted her at a social dinner and she just stood me up and never spoke to me again! Well, neither did I make any effort, so that's that." ~ Anonymous, 20

"My girlfriend and I had been in a relationship for 2 years. I was casually spending time with my friends when one of them told me to check a Snapchat story. I opened it and was dumbstruck. My girlfriend told me that she was going for a sleepover to one of her friends house, but there she was in one of the pictures in the background, getting comfy with another guy...Well, I confronted her of course, but she said it was nothing. We broke up and now she is all sad and single, while I proudly show-off my new girl!" ~ Anonymous, 20

"Back in the day, I thought I’d met someone who’d stay by my side forever (sounds cheesy, right?). I really loved this guy and would do anything for him. Well, of course there is another woman who plays part in this old school romance; a girl I was not pretty found of. My boyfriend and her were friends, and while it did bother me, I chose to rationalise it time and again; “what can a friendship really do?”. Shit escalated pretty quickly afterwards. During a family vacay, my best friend called me and told me he cheated on me, WITH HER. My heart sunk. Forget being upset, all my sadness soon turned into rage and the next time I saw her I slapped her ( believe it or not, I did!). And of course broke up with my boyfriend. Bye boy!" ~Anonymous, 20


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