4 Expert-Approved Ways to Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey

Celebrity nutritionist and fitness trainer Suman Agarwal recommends a pre-bridal diet for you.

"It’s my day, and I have to look good!” I am sure these thoughts have been racing through your mind off late, especially if you happen to be only a few months away from the D-day. Most brides are on a mission to slim down to look their best on their big day. And often that leads to panic at this time. To deal with this, one ends up indulging in crash diets or fads to shed off those extra kilos in a hurry. However, don’t forget, the goal is to look fit and feel fabulous, and most importantly, to achieve this goal in a healthy way. So before you shell out a lot on cleansing juices or slimming pills, follow the tricks below to detox.

Keep it natural: Brides-to-be can choose from organic food to avoid the ill effects of pesticides and maintain a healthy balance of immunity and clear skin. Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, organic milk, organic grains and pulses, and organic green teas are extremely beneficial during this hectic period. They are cultivated without using pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and insecticides, so they are able to retain certain vitamins and minerals which are otherwise lost.

Say ‘NO’ to desserts: People often believe that eating desserts in times of stress can make them feel ‘happy’. A bride may really crave for sugar-loaded food when she is nearing her wedding day due to stress. This may lead to weight gain, irritability, and she may feel low on energy. The mantra is to go low on sweets and sugars, and instead opt for fresh fruits, dark chocolates, berries, frozen grapes, and dates to satisfy one’s craving.

Avoid heavy food: Food that causes bloating should be avoided. Surely you don’t want a puffy face and a bloated tummy. As you already know, one must avoid all fatty and oily foods. Even pulses like urad dal, channa dal, and corn should be stayed away from, especially when the wedding is only 10 days away.

Hydration is the key: For beautiful skin and hair, hydrating one’s body is important. Sip on nimbu pani, green tea, buttermilk or coconut water in addition to your regular water intake. How about this wonder drink: Mix one tomato, one half of a boiled beetroot, two small carrots, one gooseberry, half an apple, and half a cup of pomegranate. Squeeze the juices out for a super healthy drink.

A well-planned and healthy diet will provide you with increased immunity, glowing skin, and better stamina to cope with all the stress and running around that come with being a bride. Plan your weight loss journey well in advance so that you can enjoy the last 15 days of being solo without dieting! Avoid alcohol and enjoy a good eight-hour cycle of sleep daily.



Choose any one combination:

Muesli + curd

Egg + toast

Milk + whole wheat bran (flakes)

Upma/poha + milk/curd


Keep a fruit handy to eat around mid- morning or when you are out shopping. A fruit would provide you with sufficient energy. Pair this up with a glass of buttermilk for optimum nutrition. Feel light and stay healthy!


Full of choices:

Roti/rice +

Dal/chicken/fish +


Fresh yoghurt (being rich inpro-biotics aids in digestion and helps you get a glowing complexion.)


This is a very important meal for the day and should not be skipped. If one skips this meal, then one ends to eat double the quantity at dinner. Here’s our list.

Green tea/English breakfast tea +

2 cookies/toast/murmura/roasted channa


Repeat one of the lunch options again and sleep well.And sure enough, with this eating plan strictly followed, you will be all set to face one of the biggest shows of your life. And all the shows hereafter!


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