3 Wedding Designers Share How to Spruce Up Your Decor With Flowers

Floral arrangements make for a fragrant and delightful addition to any wedding décor. Brides Today spoke to three wedding designers to share insider advice on how to make a grand statement with blossoms.

Garlands of marigold, chandeliers with roses, and an aisle of petals strewn across...The Indian wedding, be it big-fat or scaled-down to suit present times, is incomplete without a burst of blooms and the lingering, sweet smell that accompanies it. Think bright peonies strung across the wedding mandap, clusters of lilies with foliage peeping out, or strings of mogra twirled around the furniture.

f1_020121032958.jpgImage Credit: The A-Cube Project

“Floral décor has a charm of its own; it demands minimal infrastructure, and is a wonderful way to complement and heighten the other elements in the space,” explains Anant Khandelwal, Founder and Creative Director, Indian Wedding Planners. “Take chrysanthemums and roses, for instance: they’re guaranteed to make an impact. Besides being a staple in table arrangements, these varieties can also be used to mask the façade of a stage, or be the highlight of a canopy,” he shares.

f4_020121033134.jpgA mandap featuring palm leaves in beaten brass vessels, mokara orchid accents, marigold in cane baskets, carnations, and Asiatic lilies.

One thing to keep in mind when decorating with flowers is the colour palette, as well as the mood of the function. According to Jueta Hemdev, Director, YOLO Weddings, playing with the right rhythm and repetition provides a stunning visual path for the eye to follow, from one detail to another. “Combining bright and dark flowers is a great way to draw attention to the set-up, while some greenery helps establish a flattering contrast against both warm and cool hues,” she says.

f3_020121033515.jpgMinimalist floral décor on the swing, to enhance the natural beauty of the venue.

“Make sure the floral arrangements elevate the architectural appeal of the venue, not obscure it. Stick to a theme and colour scheme, and create texture, volume, and detail,” says Ambika Gupta, event designer and Founder, The A-Cube Project. And in the current pandemic, she recommends supporting local produce, as well as sustainable alternatives that can limit floral waste.

f5_020121033240.jpgA contemporary wedding mandap with kasavu silk drapes and hand-picked flowers in shades of pink.


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