Follow These 3 Basic Steps to Achieve Your Best Body Yet

Make three basic changes to your daily routine for a healthier you.

It’s the last few weeks until your big day, and the excitement (and hectic schedule) is at its peak. It’s natural to panic and wonder if you will meet your wedding fitness goals—but resist the urge to start a new diet or exercise plan. Instead, keep things simple. Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity nutritionist, exercise science expert, and author of The 12-week Fitness Project, details three simple steps that you can follow to achieve your best body yet.

RULE 1: Add Ghee to Your Diet

Banish the guilt and add one teaspoon of ghee to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.From ancient texts to homegrown wisdom and the Cleveland Clinic, everyone is singing its glories. Ghee works wonders—it keeps your joints supple and skin glowing. It helps you de-stress, improves sleep, and helps with digestion. Add an extra teaspoon of ghee to lunch if you have sweet cravings or experience an afternoon slump.

RULE 2: Daily Surya Namaskars

Fitness has four components: Strength, stamina, stretching, and stability. The one form that engages with all simultaneously is the Surya Namaskar. You can practice the sequence at any time of the day and anywhere possible —the only equipment you need is discipline. The asanas that make up the Surya Namaskar can help strengthen back muscles, balance hormones, and improve blood circulation.

RULE 3: Eat a Light Dinner

The last month before your wedding should be about keeping things as simple as possible, including your meals. Rice and dal is an easy dinner to make at home and meets all of your nutritional needs. It also keeps your weight in check, balances yourdigestion, and helps with sleep. The combination contains methionine amino acid, which detoxes the body and vitamin B1, which helps keep energy levels high, perfect for this busy time. Ensure you eat hand-pounded or semi-polished rice to reap the full nutritional benefits.


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