3 Body Language Signs That Can Reveal If Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Lying and being unfaithful to a loved one can not only break trust but also your relationship. If you suspect your partner is not being completely honest, here are some warning signs to watch out for.

Whether the spark has gone out of the relationship or they are just seeking thrills...infidelity is one of the biggest causes of couples breaking up.

Not only can it shatter trust but a relationship can never really fully recover when the other half is prone to cheating. However, if you suspect your partner is not being completely truthful, save yourself the heartbreak and watch out for some warning signs.

"Non-verbal communication is a great way to tell how your partner is feeling in a relationship. There are so many cues in which you can unconsciously read your partner’s feelings and intentions. If you are aware of how the brain works, and the mind controls the body- you can get an even better understanding," says Pamela 'Puja' Kirpalani, a master NLP practitioner, trainer and neuro-coach, Founder - Inner High Living.


Pamela adds that as we grow older we get used to ''masking'' our emotions, some better than others. However, there are subtle signs in your body that can give away what you aretrulyfeeling.

She says, "Leaked micro-expressions and the way a person moves his or her body represent accurate indicators of peoples’ true intentions or feelings. Sudden micro-expressions and movements are things that people cannot control on a conscious basis, and our subconscious minds are apt at picking up on these signals. In fact, some recent brain research shows that whatever emotions and feelings we go through first shows up in our body, and nanoseconds later- in our conscious minds.  As humans, we are actually hard-wired to read other people’s emotions and intents through the way their bodies move. We have mirror neurons in our brains that fire when our unconscious minds register emotion in someone else."

So, here are her 3 tell-tale signs of lying to notice in your partner when having a difficult conversation:

Jerking hand movements during a conversation

"Sudden quick hand movement towards mouth, nose or chin signifies the person is nervous and might be hiding some information."

Restless feet

"Tapping of the foot during an uncomfortable conversation also indicates nervousness and could point towards dishonesty."

Constant rubbing

"Rubbing behind the neck is also an indicator there is some stress or discomfort in the conversation."


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