10 Ways to Promote Safety and Social Distancing at a Wedding During Covid-19

Love is infectious but so is coronavirus, right?

"Expect the unexpected" they say, but who could've possibly foreseen a global pandemic?

As of the beginning of this year, the world as we knew it, changed—particularly the face of weddings and wedding planning—owing to the covid -19 pandemic that spread it's destructive wings across the globe. With lives being overturned, economies collapsing, and complete chaos, many took the practical, yet heartbreaking decision to postpone their nuptials. Keeping in mind the safety of friends, family, and guests, along with attempting to contain the virus, it probably seemed like the right thing to do...

But the light at the end of the tunnel...In the first week of May 2020, the Indian government issued an order stating marriages in India could take place, with no more than 50 people present. Following the government's directives while maintaining social distancing rules and regulations many decided that 'the show must go on.' And indeed it must!

If you are one of those who chose to tie the knot amidst the pandemic, waiting to commence a new journey of life with the person you love, here are a few things you must note.

1. Provide Customised Face Masks

Despite hosting an intimate ceremony, it is crucial that you follow safety precautions and guidelines. You never know who could be carrying the virus! If you're worrying about people showing up without wearing masks (or wearing inadequate ones), get some wedding masks made-to-order for your guests. Play with funky designs, go simple, or even get it customised with your wedding hashtag and date (makes for a great souvenir too!)

2. Spread Love, Not Germs

Don't feel embarrassed while insisting on taking precautions for your own safety and that of others. A sanitiser or handwash is a must. You could install a handwash/sanitiser station at the entry (or a foot operated sanitiser dispenser to avoid contact), or even provide cute care packages to the guests as they arrive, including a personal sanitiser and a mask.

3. Ditch the Buffet, Go Plated

A wedding buffet? Not so much this time around. Instead of having guests go around multiple counters to serve themselves (remember, they're touching the same serving cutlery!), opt for plated service. By doing so, you're not solely minimising contact through self-service but are relieving the guests of long waiting lines and chaos!

4. Change Up Seating Arrangements

Indian weddings (much like Indian customs and traditions) encourage closeness, intimacy, physical proximity, and the sharing of joys together. In the current scenario, the following aren't possible, plus not recommended either. If you're planning to host a wedding during the pandemic, ensure that your floor plan is more spread out and socially-distanced, than usual.

5. Consider Outdoor Ceremonies

Who doesn't absolutely love an outdoor wedding ceremony amid a clear blue sky and a soothing sunset? If you don't dig the outdoor vibe, you better now. By throwing functions outdoors, rather than in closed, confined spaces, you're significantly reducing the risk of spread.

6. Achieve the Big-Fat-Indian Wedding of Your Dream (VIRTUALLY)

We know you're probably bummed that you couldn't have your 1000-guest lavish Indian affair, but so what? Take this as an opportunity (and maybe a blessing in disguise) to experience each and every moment of your big day, with the people you love most! Have your extended relatives, friends, acquaintances etc join you over Zoom to celebrate the love and joy.


7. Install Signages as a 'Not-So-Gentle' Reminder

While everyone may work towards ensuring safety and taking sufficient precaution, it's human nature to lax after a certain point of time. To avoid this from happening, install signs and quotes across your wedding location to serve as a 'safety reminder' and communicate your expectations to the guests.

8. Send Wedding Favours Across the Mail

Truth be told, one of the best things about weddings are the favours or wedding shagun you receive! From bangles in multiple hues to micro-bindi's, juttis etc, there can never be too many gifts. However, for a pandemic wedding it is recommended that you mail favours across to your guests instead. A safer, contact-less option.

9. Monogrammed Glasses FTW

What better way to avoid trips to the bar and exchange of glasses amongst guests, than to opt for monogrammed glasses or even better, monogrammed cup holders! Besides, they'd serve as adorable take-home favours and souvenirs.

10. The 'Stay Close, While Apart' Wedding Photobooth

Pretty pout selfies with your #girlsquad don't seem likely this year. While hugs, kisses, and embracing your loved one for a photo is cute and all, it's FAR beyond socially-distanced. It's time to revamp the 2020 wedding photobooth!

All said and done, if you manage to survive a socially-distanced wedding during a pandemic, you will certainly be able to survive a lifetime together...


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