Taco Truck Party, A Giraffe & Love, Actually: Megna, Amish's Malibu Wedding

Taco Truck Party, A Giraffe & Love, Actually: Megna, Amish's Malibu Wedding

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A rustic ranch with wild animals, minimalist mandap and more...photographer Vinuthna Garidipuri shares a peek into one of the most gorgeous weddings she's attended.
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    Philly-native Amish first met the California girl, Megna at a wedding. I know, classic. A few years later, at sunset on the coast of Santorini, Amish proposed and then, their Malibu wedding was underway. Held in Saddlerock Ranch Malibu, this is the kind of wedding I have been dreaming of photographing ever since I became a wedding photographer!

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    There were many unique elements that this modern couple opted for! Instead of a sangeet, there was a taco truck party with delicious vegetarian goodness.

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    The rustic ranch wedding venue had so many zebras, horses, and most importantly the star of the show, Stanley - the giraffe.

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    During the ceremony the most surreal moments was the kanyadaan. This particular shot with the minimalist mandap setup along with the moment that is now documented for the rest of eternity will have a special place in my heart.

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    There were so many interesting and amusing moments throughout this wedding. For instance, Amish’s baraat was iconic as he entered in a vintage Mercedes Benz that complemented the wedding colour palette perfectly.

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    The most memorable moment of the wedding was the wedding ceremony. There were so many emotions that I could feel as I photographed the moments of a wedding. The eyes of my bride speak a thousand words and the joy in my groom’s face is truly priceless. 

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    The cocktail hour and reception was held at golden hour with the beautiful scenery of the Malibu mountains and was perfectly paired with a live jazz band. 

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    Kids and adults were playing giant Jenga, ring toss, and corn hole boards. 

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    Megna and Amish entered the reception as the sun set to Tiësto’s Malibu remix. I remember getting goosebumps capturing their chemistry with such a fitting song in the background in Malibu! 
    Image: Vinuthna Garidipuri Photography

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