Sonam Kapoor's Fitness Trainer Shares the Only 4 Exercises You Need to Burn Fat

10 minutes. 4 exercises. Zero equipment. Full body workout!

Diya J Verma
"The chief focus of this workout is on strength, mobility, and a little bit of cardio for the most important muscle in your body – your heart! All you need is a mat, 2 hand towels, 10 minutes, your undivided attention, and you can be on your way to achieving superior fitness levels." Celebrity trainer, pilates educationist and nutritionist, Radhika Karle shares 4 different exercises that are to be done for 45 seconds each with 15-second breaks between each exercise. Repeat for a 10-minute complete full body workout which will leave you completely energised and ready to take on the day! Instagram: @radhikasbalancedbody, Facebook: Radhika’s Balanced Body, Twitter: @RadhikaKarle
  • Celebrity Pilates Master Trainer, Radhika Karle
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    Celebrity Pilates Master Trainer, Radhika Karle

    The only celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist in India to co-author a cook book, Radhika began her entrepreneurial journey with Radhika's Balanced Body. She owns a chain of fully equipped pilates studios at Mumbai and her clientele include select Bollywood celebrities and a host of industry captains. A renowned name in the world of fitness, she has been spending much of her time during lockdown creating content, with the purpose of ensuring that pilates enters every household across the country as a form of a mindful movement, which she truly believes heals bodies.

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    Wide Squat Jumps with Arm Reaches
    This exercise focuses on your lower body muscles, glutes, shoulders, and core. Begin with your feet further than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly, and arms reaching out at shoulder-height. Squat to bring your thighs parallel to the floor. Lift back up, adding a jump and reaching your arms up overhead and land back into the wide squat starting position with your arms out. While performing this exercise ensure that your back is straight throughout and abs are engaged. Jump off the entire foot and make sure that you land softly on your toes.

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    Plank to Wide Knee Reach to Arabesque
    Working the entire body, begin this exercise in the plank position on your mat. Bend one knee, bringing it wide to the elbow on the same side and pike the hips up while reaching the leg long back behind you and up to the ceiling. Repeat the same on the other side. While performing this exercise ensure that your shoulders are away from your ears, hands and toes are pressed firmly into the floor, and ears are over the shoulders.

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    Reverse Lunges with Rotation and Windshield Wiper Arms
    This exercise targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, upper and mid back muscles, shoulders and triceps, and the core. You can use hand towels for a smoother reverse lunge. Start with both feet on the towels and arms reaching up overhead. Lunge back with one leg while rotating the upper body in the opposite direction and lowering the arms down to shoulder-height. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. While performing this exercise ensure that your hip bones are facing straight in front throughout, shoulders aren't reaching up to your ears, and your knees are in line with your hips and ankles.

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    High Kneeling Side Bend with Oblique Crunch
    This exercise primarily focuses on your obliques, abdominals, glutes, and biceps and triceps. Begin in a high kneeling position with your arms reaching out to the two sides at shoulder-height. Tip over to one side, landing with the bottom hand under the shoulder, opposite leg reaching out, and top arm reaching overhead. Lift the extended leg, bending your knee into the chest while reaching your top arm’s elbow to the knee. Reach back out and keep repeating for 45-seconds. Repeat this exercise on the other side as well. While performing this exercise ensure that you are pressing the floor away with the supporting arm. Pretend that you are sandwiched between two pieces of glass (you should be a straight line from head to toe). Squeeze through the back of the leg on the supporting leg to avoid breaking at the hips.

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