Revisiting Lady Diana and Prince Charles Royal Wedding Through Photographs

And some royal inside details you never knew about...

Diya J Verma
An unforgettable union in the history of royalty, here is a glimpse of the regal affair at St. Paul's Cathedral, London on 29 July, 1981.
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    Lady Diana's sapphire engagement ring made it's debut when the couple announced their engagement on the grounds outside of Buckingham Palace. (Yes, it's the same one Kate Middleton wears now!)

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    Here's a never-seen-before sketch of the iconic wedding dress! Husband and wife designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel designed Lady Diana's gorgeous taffeta gown. However, the dress details were understandably kept secret until the day of the ceremony.

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    It wasn't just any wedding, it was THE wedding. Crowds gathered and camped along the procession route the night before the wedding to catch a good view of the newlyweds.

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    The eve of the royal wedding saw fireworks and celebrations galore.

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    All of United Kingdom celebrated, including the Royal Air Force which performed a formation of the Prince of Wales Feathers over Caernarfon Castle.

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    Supporters waited anxiously while displaying messages for the royal couple, along the procession route.

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    The royal bridesmaids arrived in the golden carriage.

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    Here comes the groom! We can see Prince Charles waving to the super excited crowds along the procession route.

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    FINALLY. A glimpse of the bride. Although, we wonder how she managed to squeeze in her glorious gown in the carriage.

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    Possibly the most striking part about her wedding dress was the 25-foot-long train and veil.

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    Prince Charles awaits the arrival of his beautiful bride, alongside the two groomsmen, brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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    Princess Diana is walked down the aisle by her father, Edward John Spencer. Also, Lady Di wore her own family jewels for her big day (spot the Tiara).

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    Over 3,500 guests had the honour of attending this oh-so-stunning royal union.

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    Isn't St. Paul's Cathedral absolutely breathtaking?!

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    We can only imagine how difficult this curtsy to the Queen would've been for Lady Diana in that gown.

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    Princess Diana had five bridesmaids: Clementine Hambro, Catherine Cameron, Sarah-Jane Gaselee, India Hicks, and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones.

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    Did you know? Princess Diana accidentally mixed up Prince Charles' full name (referring to him as Philip Charles Arthur George rather than Charles Philip Arthur George). Wedding jitters, oops.

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    Hmm...what could be those whispers?

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    The cathedral entrance was decorated with umpteen flowers, like the ones you can spot in this picture.

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    And they're off! Post the 'I dos', the newly married couple made their way to Buckingham Palace in the presence of 60,000+ well-wishers.

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    Making it official, the couple, along with the witnesses present at the royal wedding scribbled their signatures.

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    Prince and Princess arrive at Buckingham Palace in time for their wedding reception party.

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    A moment captured between the DIL and MIL.

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    And they seal it with a kiss!

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    A royal, royal family portrait.

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    While they had 27 cakes to feed their oh-so-many guests, the official cake was a multi-tiered fruit cake made by the head baker at the Royal Naval Cookery School.

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    Post their nuptials, it was time for the couple to embark on their royal honeymoon.

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    'Just Married'

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    The couple departed from the Waterloo Station by train. They spent their first three nights in the Broadlands, the same place Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth spent their wedding night.

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    After the Broadlands, Charles and Diana set sail from Gibraltar to travel around the Mediterranean in the royal yacht.

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    Coming to an end, the couple arrived in Scotland for the final leg of their honeymoon.

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    Oh, what an end! The couple welcomed photographers to Balmoral, the Queen's estate in Scotland, for a photo call at the end of their trip.

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