Real Weddings: 'I Do' in the Time of Covid-19

Embracing the new normal, Namha and Edul hosted an intimate wedding amidst the pandemic, in the presence of their loved ones.

Diya J Verma
The journey that led to the intimate wedding of extravagant wedding planners; Namha and Edul, was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Hailing from two different cultures, it was imperative for Namha, a typical Punjabi and Edul, a traditional Parsi to get their parents' approval. After all, there is no 'happy ending' without the blessings of your family! However, little did they know that a global pandemic was going to become a hurdle in their happily ever after. Testing their undying love for one another and ravaging over their dream nuptial, the government-imposed restrictions posed to be a threat to the fairytale affair they'd envisioned. But as soon as they realised that the pandemic was here to stay, they decided to go ahead with a civil marriage, fighting for their love, and fighting against all odds!
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    How did the two of you meet?
    While I have been brought up in Cyprus, Edul can be described as a true-hearted South-Mumbaikar. I moved to Mumbai in 2004 to pursue a further education, and, as fate would have it, both of us set out to try our hand at the wedding event business thereafter. I went on to work with two renowned wedding planners, setting the pathway for my company Castles & Coasters. It was at the workplace where Edul and I first set eyes on each other. With each passing day, our admiration and respect for one another grew to lay a foundation for a rock-solid friendship. But, we were blissfully unaware that this friendship would soon blossom into love!

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    Was there a formal proposal?

    If you asked me if I was dating Edul, my response would be, "Not sure. He has never asked me out!". On the other hand, if you asked Edul the same thing, he would say, "Hell yeah! Asking out isn’t a thing anymore." The engagement date had been set and Edul hadn’t proposed. I was starting to make peace with the fact that maybe proposals aren’t really necessary. 


    However, little did I know what lay ahead of me. Fifteen days before the engagement, Edul took me to one of our favourite restaurants. I was initially reluctant to go, but went along with it anyways. I was walking into a proposal! With music playing in the background, flowers scattered across the floor, and candles guiding the way, it felt like it was right out of a movie!

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    Any anecdotes or memorable moments from the wedding?
    When I entered and saw my whole family gathered together, I was overwhelmed. From my mother who hadn't ventured out since the lockdown to my father who was present virtually, the sheer joy and love everybody showered upon us brought a tear to my eye. Besides that, a shout-out to my team who made sure everything went on smoothly, despite the limitations and complications imposed by the pandemic.

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    Any advice for couples who are planning their wedding?

    Focus on what you have, rather than wondering about what could be and what isn’t possible. Think about the main purpose of this beautiful union, which is to celebrate your life with your better half. So trust that everything will fall into place.

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    How are you and your partner spending time during the pandemic?
    We are doing what we love doing most—crafting fairytale weddings for our wonderful brides and grooms! Besides that, we enjoy spending most of our spare time with our families. We also unwind at the end of the day by bingeing on shows or movies, while snacking and sometimes enjoying a glass of wine.

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