Real Weddings: From Past To Present

Three dates were all it took for entrepreneurs Vasundhara Kumar and Sahil Mehta to decide that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Here, the bride shares their story.

Deyasini Biswas
Meant to be: I met Sahil for the first time in May 2018 during a work-related meeting with his sister (I thought his dimples were adorable). We had known of each other for 16 years through a common friend but had never actually met. It took me one date to know he was the one and him three to tell me he was going to marry me. Close to home: We got married on our 150-year-old ancestral farmhouse. Every member of our family has had their wedding on this farm and I carried the tradition forward. Getting married there was extremely sentimental for me. Teamwork: My family—immediate and extended—were in charge of the preparations. We got together two or three times a week to plan every little detail. It was wonderful to watch them come together so harmoniously and with such joy. Our advice: A wedding is all about bringing families together. Make sure you involve everyone and the blessings will come in spades.
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