Real Weddings: From Dog Memes To Happy Pawrents

"Tyler and I agreed to get a puppy once we had graduated from Columbia. The day after, he took me to the Plaza Palm Court and proposed. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it definitely was life changing."

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    Tyler and Angela met in Washington DC. 

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    "He had mentioned that he'd like to take me to dinner in three weeks or so, and in amusement I gave him my business card. I mean, who actually takes you on a date three weeks later right? The joke was on me, when he sent me cute dog memes every day, and arrived suited-booted three weeks later with a bouquet of lilies and a dinner reservation. 

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    "Living in the middle of our two home-cities, without family and friends, the inspiration for our wedding was the chance to immerse our loved ones into our blended cultures, nationalities and lifestyle." 

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    "Kicking off the wedding weekend with the glam of New York, effortless and sophisticated in the Upper East side, we took our vows at Madison Avenue Pres. Straight after the ceremony, the Pierre afternoon tea session was a delight, given my British roots. We also had a guest performance by Serge Dreznin, a friend and Russian composer that really helped us kick off the weekend." 

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    "Fast forward, we have an incredibly cute puppy of our own that is a real life meme (@proseccopuppy) and through grad school, job switches, moving cities and the wedding, a date night has never gone amiss." 

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    "We had multiple events, touching on the particular things that made us, us." 

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    "We arrived in Flatiron for a Moroccan themed Mehendi night, where we went for a "sorry, you are jet-lagged" casual. The emphasis was on colour, eating and drinking! Everyone got stuck into the Indian wedding customs and the ladies rushed to get their custom henna."

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    "We both picked Sabyasachi outfits, in cream and blush, giving a nod to Rajasthani royalty and the elegance of the auspicious Indian customs."

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    "Everything was understated elegance, including our parents who looked as regal as ever in their matching mint and magenta attire. The bridesmaids and groomsmen wore custom-made mint and gold outfits that really stood out against the darker terrace room of the Plaza."

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    "We chose a light and airy palette with soft roses and cherry blossoms for our alter."

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    "For the ceremony itself, Tyler rocked up 5th Avenue on his white horse, surrounded by our friends and family having the time of their life (lets count a few tourists in there too).

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    "Our Indian wedding and reception were both held at the Plaza hotel. Tyler and I often joke that we are old-era souls. The day we snuck into the Plaza to peek at the ballroom, was the end of our venue search. The old-school glamour and the refined elegance, we knew we wanted our guests to step back in time with us." 

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    Dress Designer: Sabyasachi
    Bridemaid’s dress: Custom, New Delhi
    Shoes: Christian Louboutin
    Floral/Design: Design House Decor
    Hair/Make Up: Flawless by Pauline
    Cake: Ron Ben Israel 
    Wedding Planner: RB Event Design 

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