Real Weddings: Friends to Forever

"It was instant friendship, full of Harry Potter movie marathons, Netflix binges, travel, discovering new cuisines, and endless laughter. We clicked effortlessly."

Diya J Verma
Amidst the sunset, Kanak and Teja had a stunning mountain wedding in Arizona, in the company of their loved ones.
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    How did you two meet? Tell us about your love story.
    "Teja and I met in the summer of 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. We actually got acquainted online, but several mutual friends insisted that we met in person. Teja was in town for his MBA interview and I had just moved back to Phoenix to finish my undergraduate degree. So maybe we can call it destiny? It was instant friendship, full of Harry Potter movie marathons, Netflix binges, travel, discovering new cuisines, and endless laughter. It's amazing how we clicked so effortlessly.
    Two years later, we both graduated from our education programs and were headed to different ends of the country. The long distance was tough but we knew what we had was truly special. After a whole year of cross-country, red-eye flights between New York and Seattle, we were finally reunited in Seattle where we got engaged! Our wedding was a dream come true, and our marriage was absolutely written in the stars."

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    How would you describe your wedding? Tell us your overall vision and sources of inspiration.
    "We tied the knot amongst our family and friends in a fairytale mountain setting in Tucson, Arizona. We wanted each element of our wedding to reflect our friendship and love for one another, our personalities and hobbies. While our bridesmaids and groomsmen enacted a 15 minute skit that showcased the journey of us falling in love, our communities had also prepared spectacular dance performances. And, let's take a moment to talk about the fabulous FOOD. We were lucky to have a delicious spread of our favourite things to eat! What more could we have wished for?
    Overall, our vision was to exude uniqueness through each element at every function, for our guests to experience. We wanted to spell out our love story through the minute details and our wedding vendors ensured that this dream turned into a reality. Our main source of inspiration was the magical theatrics from Harry Potter and our decor included subtle hints and nods to the books that many of our guests did come to notice!"

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    What was the most memorable moment from your wedding that you’d like to share with us. 
    "The most memorable moment for me was when we rode away from our ceremony in a horse carriage. It was our first moment alone as husband and wife, and we rode off into the most beautiful Arizona sunset. We soaked it all in and it felt surreal to finally be man and wife! Another one would be when our parents surprised us with a dance performance during our reception. We didn't see it coming and absolutely loved how cute they were. Teja surprised me with a dance at the end as well! Way too many surprises and a bucket load of love."

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    Any advice for brides-to-be?
    "All I want to say is that be yourself throughout the process. Identify the trends that you love and speak to you as a couple. Curate every detail such that it is meaningful to you and your partner, and rely on your vendors to take care of the last minute mishaps (if any). I would also suggest to you to have a good back-up plan in place, in case you are having an outdoor ceremony. Lastly, don’t stress on your big day, just let it be about your love for one another and everything else will fall into place." 

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    How are you spending time with your partner during the pandemic?
    "We just bought our first home during the pandemic! We thought it was the perfect time take on this hell of a task, while working from home. On a day to day we spend a lot of time watching movies and trying out new recipes for dinner. We are trying to make the most of being together."

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