Corona Negative But Love Positive, Here’s How This Couple Shifted Their Wedding From Phuket to Mangalore in Just 7 Days!

"While Aakanksha and Mikhail’s wedding has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, the picture-perfect Hindu and Christian ceremonies made it all worth it in the end." - Namha Malhotra, Founder of Castles & Coasters

Diya J Verma
With the virus violently spreading across the globe and guests cancelling by the minute, Aakanksha and Mikhail's wedding could've turned into a nightmare. However, wedding planners from Castles & Coasters ensured that it was nothing short of a fairytale!
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    How did the couple meet? 
    Nine years ago, Aakanksha and Mikhail crossed paths at work. As they often got the chance to work together, they gradually developed an enduring friendship that soon grew into true love. After dating for five years, Mikhail decided to propose to his dream-girl during a family trip to Mangalore. “Both of us absolutely love the beach and I was thrilled beyond measure when he popped the question on the beach! He totally caught me off guard and I couldn’t have hoped for a better proposal,” states Aakanksha. 

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    Originally set to tie the knot at a seaside destination in Phuket, the couple’s plan got derailed by the coronavirus pandemic which restricted international travelling. 


    "Aakanksha and Mikhail’s wedding has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for all of us, in every which way possible; from selecting the country to the hotel, vendors, and even the dates. But all said and done, we thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of our charming bride and groom to be!" states Namha Malhotra, Founder of Castles & Coasters. 

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    "After 7 long months of planning, we finally had everything in place; Phuket, Marriott, March 2020. Rest assured, everyone was on the same page and then…RSVP – NO, RSVP – NO, RSVP – NO, back to back. Panic and confusion hit and how! Yes, we were all well-aware of the aggressive spread of the virus, but at this point the virus hadn’t even opened all its cards, and here we were with 7 days to go and guests cancelling by the hour," informs Namha. 


    "The next few days our team at C&C, along with the couple, dedicated ourselves to research, research and some more research. We all experienced our fair share of anxiety and fear as we were unfamiliar with what we had on our hands. Sure, a vendor cancelling last minute or a particular element not being available may have happened before, but a pandemic, certainly not. We drafted multiple pro's and con's lists that managed emotions, finances, guests, dreams, and we eventually hit the button, making an informed decision to cancel the wedding in Phuket."

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    "To be honest, we didn’t have the time to dwell on what had just happened. The direction from the couple was clear, "The show must go on!” and it evidently did. The next couple of days (literally a couple of days) the team engaged themselves in countless messages to guests, coordination of new venues, quotes, budgets, and tweaking designs. We also had a team in place that was solely responsible for coordinating and managing cancellations for all our Phuket partners," she added.

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    "While it seemed like 3 long months, in just 3 days we had a new venue (Taj Bekal), new dates (2nd–5th March), new vendors, but still the same near and dear ones to celebrate the happy occasion with!" says Namha. 

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    "The smile on Aakansha’s face and the glint in Mikhail's eyes made every bit of their wedding planning worth it for us. The wedding may have had a more simplistic approach than what we intended, but it fell nothing short in terms of emotions, love, celebration, and dreams coming true! Our team finally took a deep breath and ecstatically got off our #MikAakuTikki rollercoaster. We had done our job right; converted a dream and crafted fond memories that will last a lifetime for the couple, family, friends and Castles & Coasters as well!"

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    A piece of advice for to-be married couples?
    “Always be on the same page with your partner to ensure clarity when dealing with your vendors. And more importantly, amidst the issues and problems that come your way, make sure you don’t lose sight of why you are getting married in the first place. Remember to have fun and enjoy each other’s company throughout the process because that's what really matters.” -Aakansha, the bride. 

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