#LockdownWedding: Staying Apart, Together

"In case you were wondering if Zoom weddings are actually worth it, I will respond with a resounding 'Yes.'

Diya J Verma
Dhrumil and Shreya tied the knot in an intimate 20 people ceremony primarily comprising of their family members, the pundit, and vendors; while the guests blessed the couple virtually.
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    Keeping everyone's safety in mind, amidst the worsening covid-19 situation, Dhrumil and Shreya decided to send out 'un-save the date' cards. Since ensuring the health and safety of one and all was an utmost priority, postponing the wedding indefinitely seemed like the right thing to do. However, they soon came to realise that the situation wasn't improving, urging them to take the plunge and tie the knot in an intimate ceremony instead. They didn't feel the need to wait any longer to unite and begin a new chapter of life, together. So in less than 10 days the #coronacouple came together to hold a virtual Zoom wedding, in the presence of solely their immediate family members. A practical approach in the current times, Dhrumil and Shreya are a living example of what 'love in the time of corona' truly looks like. 

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    "In the first week of May 2020, the Indian government issued an order stating that marriages in India could take place, with no more than 50 people present. Following the government's directives and maintaining social distancing, we took permission and got married with less than 20 people present (including the photographer, makeup artist, and the pundit). While our immediate families and the pundit were physically present at the wedding, our friends, relatives, and well-wishers joined us through Zoom."

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    "In case you were wondering if Zoom weddings are actually worth it, I will respond with a resounding 'Yes.'  While our parents and the guests blessed us from afar, their smiles beamed brightly through the computer screen. We made use of the Zoom meeting platform to initiate the process, and contrary to popular belief, it was both overwhelming and emotional! Our friends and family were all decked up and some were kind enough to send us photographs standing next to the screen for our wedding reception album. Given the virtual sangeet dance performances and what not, Zoom definitely set a standard for how elaborate and amazing a virtual wedding can actually be." 

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    "By hosting a virtual wedding you’re certainly going to save money on the venue, catering etc. But what matters is that these virtual events are just as sentimental, lovely, and perhaps even more personalized than in-person events." 

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    "All said and done, Zoom weddings seem to be becoming the norm rather than the exception, at least for the duration of 2020. In the midst of all of this it is important to keep in mind that the good things can still take place, even during a chaotic global pandemic. It's truly worth reminding ourselves that time and again."

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    Wedding Planned By: The Crimson Circle
    Photography: The Photo Diary
    Event Decor: Deep Root Events
    Wedding E-invite: The Silent Noise
    Wedding Hamper/Gifts: Dimensions Gifting

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