Kajal Aggarwal’s Wedding Designer Reveals All That Went Into Curating an Intimate Celebrity Wedding

From noteworthy decor accents to mesmerising visual aesthetics, luxe event designer Ambika Gupta shares what went into curating Kajal's fairytale wedding.

Diya J Verma
We're certain none of you missed the gorgeous wedding of actor Kajal Aggarwal to her long-time beau, Gautam Kitchlu, that took place last weekend. Having been partners for nearly 8 years, the couple finally decided to tie the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony, in the presence of family and close friends. And, besides her intricately embroidered Anamika Khanna bridal ensemble that's doing the rounds on social media, her wedding celebrations featured elegant, noteworthy decor elements that brought the actor's dream wedding to life!
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    What went into curating Kajal Aggarwal’s magical wedding?
    "Given that it was an intimate wedding in the times of Covid-19, ensuring the safety of one and all was paramount. However, despite upholding the required safety protocols, we did make sure that all decor elements had a personalised touch, infused with a deeper meaning for the couple. To pay homage to their love, we wove a story around their journey and also paid a special tribute to Gautam’s Kashmiri heritage," says Ambika.

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    "The decor for the nuptials mirrored the picturesque mountains of the Kashmir valley, flanked by the majestic Dal lake. The mandap, unlike any other, represented the integration of the self with the soul, by being symmetrically structured like a pyramid. This was further held together by gold frames and translucent blush pink screens. In addition, to share this journey of love with the beautiful couple, each guest was handed a silver bell with a personalised note, to ring during the phera ceremony and shower their blessings," she adds. 

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    What was Kajal seeking in terms of her wedding decor?
    "Kajal was very particular about the colours being used, since she's well-versed with what looks good on film. As an artist, she valued my creative inputs and entrusted me with curating her big day. Besides, I think we also managed to develop a connection because we both are highly detail-oriented and enthusiastic about our craft. My portfolio and intentions conveyed to her that I wanted to create not just a pretty space, but an ambience that represented the couple as a whole. It was our collaborative creative efforts that reflected in the decor on her special day," states Ambika. 

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    What are the primary decor tips that a couple must keep in mind for their intimate wedding?
    "First and foremost, couples have to be realistic about the budget they set aside for their wedding. These days, international flower imports are limited and locally grown flowers are not readily available as the farmers have suffered a setback due to the pandemic. Moreover, there is a shortage of labour and due to the necessary safety protocols that have to be followed, safety gear for the staff poses to be an additional cost that isn't often taken into account," informs Ambika. 

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    "So, I think it's important to understand and discuss with your partner what exactly is it that you are seeking, as an experience for yourself as well as your guests. Even if it is an intimate, lockdown wedding, it is important to ensure that enough time is dedicated to planning and designing, because labour scarcity is rampant at the moment," she adds. 

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    "Last but not the least, intimate celebrations provide the opportunity for a lot more personalisation. So ensure that your guest list is limited and that enough thought and time has been invested in curating a superior guest experience, far better than what may be possible in larger gatherings. For 50 people vis-à-vis 500, you can make personalised gifts and hampers and can concentrate on the guests at an individual level. This adds a much desired personal touch, resulting in a cozy and meaningful experience for all," states Ambika. 

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    According to you, what are the upcoming decor trends that we can expect in the year 2021?
    "In my opinion, the trends are going to vary from off-beat personalised themes to nuanced, cozy-to-rich decor notes. With intimate gatherings being opted for over larger functions, one will be pushed to focus on the details. With warm and cozy lighting and stylish yet comfortable seating, planners can ace the decor for the upcoming wedding season," suggests Ambika. 

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    "One may also choose to pick wedding venues that are reminiscent of the warmth of well-designed homes with striking interiors. Creating sentimental table top arrangements and layering with rugs and cushions can make the ambience a lot more homely. All in all, adding a personalised touch to the decor will gain popularity over pretty-like-a-picture decor aspects that don't hold any personal meaning," she adds.

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    "And, if you are looking for a boho-chic vibe, go for rattan-backed furniture, jute mats, and macrame, which are all inexpensive decor elements. Also, opt for locally grown flowers over imported flowers to create a statement!"

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    "Lastly, sustainable weddings will shift focus towards recycling food, tying up with NGOs for wedding favours, and reducing the carbon footprint by composting flowers. Doing all that we can to make events more sustainable and environment-friendly is the need of the hour," advocates Ambika. 

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