4 Exercises for Killer Calves

Fitness Expert Vesna Jacob shows you how to tone your thighs and calves 

Chirag Mohanty Samal
How we all crave for lower body definition…sculpted calves and toned thighs that celebrities flaunt on the red carpet in thigh high silt gowns. True we do not have an army of trainers and nutritionists to get us into shape but do not fret. According to Vesna P. Jacob, holistic fitness guru, Pilates expert and author, few easy exercises done consistently in the comfort of our homes can gives us those killer thighs and calves. “There are many ways to add variety to your routine using very little equipment or something from your household items. The following exercises are great for shaping legs and glutes while at the same time adding definitions to your calves. The only thing you need are few towels which you roll or something to lift your heels off the ground while still giving them support. I have used so called hedgehog domes which are great to add height and the spikes provide proprioceptive response making you more stabile and aware of you surroundings,” says Vesna. Each exercise is to be done one after another in a flow. She suggests you work out for 30-40 seconds with 30-20 seconds rest in between to reset and assume next position. Do 2-3 rounds.
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    "Place heels on the elevated surface and lengthen the entire body while tightening muscles (as shown in the image above). As you inhale lower yourself as low as possible while still maintaining your posture. Make sure not to stress the back (as shown in the image below)."

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    Pile squats
    "Turn your toes out and go as low as comfortable. If it stresses the knees do not go too low."

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    Curtsies with side passé
    "This is a wonderful exercise which works on your balance and core in addition to all the muscles of the lower body.
    As you get into a curtsy position lower yourself a bit to load your legs and as you exhale straighten yourself and place your pointed foot towards the knee with leg externally rotated (as shown in the image below). Repeat 30-40 seconds each leg."

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    Lunges with knee to the chest
    "Place your feet into a lunge position, lower yourself down and load your glutes. Imagine as if you’re about to sit on a chair. As you exhale bring the knee to the chest (as shown in the image below). Repeat 39-40 seconds each leg.

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    Lunges with knee to the chest

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