Easy Chair Exercises to Tone Your Lower Body

Tone flabby thighs and dodgy hips with these exercises

Chirag Mohanty Samal
Just as we thought we couldn’t get any more sedentary COVID-19 locked us up. This resulted in even more restricted physical activity. All that sitting in front of our laptops has taken a toll on our backs, necks and lower body. If you feel the gap between the thighs has lessened and hips look dodgier than before, then here’s what you need. Vesna P. Jacob, holistic fitness guru, Pilates expert and author, says, “My first suggestion is to invest in large stability ball and start doing your desk work while on it. It serves double purpose; it is excellent for your lower back and core and secondly you are always moving and being active as it forces you to sit better and engage stabilising muscles, plus you can use it to exercise.  If that is not an option yet, then set your alarm clock to every 1.5-2 hours and use it to do few minutes of exercising turning your chair into a prop.” She suggests a set of exercises that you can do at home.
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    Chair mini squats
    Use the night of the chair as your lower point and as soon as your bottom touches the chair go a bit higher. Hold in the higher position for the count of 5 and go lower and hold. Repeat 15 reps this way, then do 15 mini squats and finish with the first variation. This is 1 set repeat 3-5. 

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    Chair curls 
    Take a small pillow and place it between the knees and squeeze m. Hold the arm rests or the seat of the chair and pull the knees to the chest without slouching and stressing your shoulders and neck. Repeat 15 times.

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    Reverse lunges 
    Place one foot on the chair (shin if wearing shoes) while the other leg is forward. Weight is on the front leg. Use the cushion to reach to to ground while at the same time bending the knee and going lower. The moment cushion touches the floor straighten the leg. Repeat 15 on each side.

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    Side lunges with twist
    Place one leg on the chair and the other on the ground and reach with the pillow diagonally and down. As you come up lift the leg off the chair and bring it across and twist. Repeat 15 on each side. 

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