Dating since 1961, This Couple's Lockdown Pre-Wedding Shoot Will Give You Feels!

An Indian wedding photographer gave the iconic couple, Barbie and Ken, a gorgeous pre-wedding shoot in the backyard to inspire couples to embrace the new normal.

Arpita Kala
The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has cancelled many a well-planned nuptials and delayed many a dream weddings. Many to-be brides and grooms are coming forward to accept the new normal by changing their celebrations to suit the government's safety mandate. Usually, a pre-wedding shoot involves months of planning, shopping, and of course, creating the perfect moment to capture the couple's bond. However, photographer Aditya Mahagaonkar of WhatKnot Photography believes that stay-at-home mandate and closures of restaurants and public spaces should not come in way of executing a picturesque shoot. So, he shot the pre-wedding photographs of a couple that has been together since 1961 to inspire others — Barbie and Ken! Take a dekko:
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