Breathtaking Wedding Scenes From TV Shows We Can't Get Over

Some of these were long-awaited while some left us asking for more, but there's no denying that these wedding scenes from TV are iconic!

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Some of these were long-awaited while some left us asking for more, but there's no denying that these wedding scenes from TV are iconic!
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    This show is an icon of our childhood, and our favourite couple from Full House has to be Uncle Jesse and Becky. From a failed sky-diving attempt to getting bailed out by Becky to serenading her with "Forever", this couple started off their adventure in the only way they knew how to, full of fun!

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    Probably the most fitting couple from the sitcom, Friends, Mike and Phoebe's wedding was magical and quirky, just like their love story. From their chance meeting and disastrous date, no thanks to Joey, to getting married in an alley, officiated by him, in our hearts this couple was always meant to be. 

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    Another popular favourite from Friends, Monica and Chandler always complemented each other. Even with Chandler freaking out before their wedding, he eventually does find his way back, and all's well that ends well, right?

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    Even after the season-long wait after Sheldon's proposal to Amy in the previous season, this couple almost misses their wedding in true The Big Bang Theory fashion, when Sheldon, Amy and best man, Leonard get caught up in a new scientific theory. 

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    The ups and downs in the story of this tragic couple from Gossip Girl had us waiting with bated breath for this wedding. But, of course, how could a Bass-Waldorf wedding be devoid of drama? Chuck and Blair's wedding ends with him getting arrested but true love prevails after all, and we get the happy ending we needed!  

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    Although a lot of us weren't pleased with a lot of plotlines from the show, How I Met Your Mother, Barney and Robin made sense to us. Their love story was patchy, sure, but they were good together, and their wedding was a bittersweet one, filled with emotions and hints of growing up for the entire group of friends. 

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    What we love about Leslie and Ben's wedding from Parks and Recreation was that they finally ended up scrapping all their elaborate wedding plans and got married spontaneously, in the cutest, private ceremony with their closest friends. Truly, one of the most romantic weddings we've seen on TV. 

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    Who can forget about this double gay double wedding from Glee? Although it started as Santana and Brittany's wedding, we loved Kurt and Blaine's surprise addition, as two of our favourite LGBT couples from TV tied the knot in a tearjerker ceremony. 

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    Another spontaneous wedding that got postponed a few times and left us all on the edge of our seats, we were (totally not!) bawling as Rachel and Mike got married after having held each other's hand through all the troubles and tribulations that life threw at them in the show, Suits

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    Cam and Mitch were a couple to look up to, with their constant effort to understand each other and making each other happy to raising a beautiful girl together, this couple's wedding on Modern Family was the stuff of our dreams.

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    Jim and Pam's love story from The Office didn't have a great start, what with Pam being engaged to someone else. But Jim had hope and so did we. While everything seemed to be going wrong on their wedding day, Jim made sure that he and Pam could sneak out to the Niagara Falls and finally get married there! The perfect elopement, we say!

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    A bomb threat, misplaced veils and wedding bands and lots of police work later, Jake and Amy finally get married in the precinct parking lot in our favourite wedding from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. More than anything else, this wedding wasn't just a happy ending but a happy herald for the new beginning that was NBC rescuing the show after Fox dropped them. 

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