Body Language Expert Shares How To Look More Confident Than You Actually Feel

Feeling Nervous, Stressed or Shy before you big day? Celebrity body language expert Pamela 'Puja' Kirpalani shares how to feel like you have everything under control!

Arpita Kala
When your wedding day finally arrives, it is natural to feel nervous or even a tad bit stressed. Whether it is the pressure to tie the knot in front of so many people or even feeling anxiety about the wedding arrangements - every bride (and groom) feels on edge on their D-day. So, if you are feeling the nerves and want desperately to calm down, the key is to feel comfortable yourself. A few deep breaths and a positive body language can help you and your guests feel at ease. We spoke to Pamela 'Puja' Kirpalani, master NLP practitioner, trainer & neuro-coach and founder of Inner High Living to share how you can master your anxiety and feel confident!
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    Have an open body language: "You can increase your space in the room by extending out your arms and legs, stand tall and keep your hands by the side of your body. This is known as a ‘territorial gesture’ or splaying- and this stance helps convey a sense of command and confidence. The opposite of this would be shrinking your space in a room or slouching (a huge no-no!)"

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    Use your hands: "When we are nervous, we often fold our arms across our body or wring our hands. However, you should refrain from holding your opposite shoulder or elbow because this signifies that something is bothering you. Instead use vibrant hand gestures while conversing with your guests to show off your knowledge and passion as you speak."

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    Hands off your neck: "Do not let your hands go anywhere close to your neck! Touching your neck is one of the biggest indicators you are nervous or uncomfortable about something. Instead, clasp your hands in a steeple position or as if it’s holding an ‘invisible brick’ in front of your body as you speak."

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