Are You a Bridezilla or 'Bridechilla'? Know the Worst Trait of Your Zodiac Sign!

The many mood swings of a Cancerian bride or over-thinking and over-complicating situations like a Virgo? Astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares the worst personality trait of each sun sign!

Arpita Kala
Stress is the second nature for some while others are quick to anger when things do not go their way. Meanwhile, there are also a few who do not voice their opinion when things are not to their liking even on their D-day! Our personality is defined by the traits we acquire as we grow up. Astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji says, "If you are aware of your virtues, strengths, weaknesses or bad traits, you are bound to have better control on your actions and its implication. This stands true even for your near and dear ones, for if you are aware of their basic attributes, you would be in control of the steering wheel of a relationship." So, here is his take on the worst personality traits of each zodiac sign that you can take note of STAT!
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    While those hailing from this zodiac sign are believed to be among the most confident people, they do not remain as motivated as they must ideally be. A major shortcoming of Aries is that when the going gets tough, they do not really react in the most conducive manner. They get discouraged easily and at times, lose their hopes of fulfilling a desire or completing a task.

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    People belonging to this zodiac signs are considered great as parents, as they let their little ones pave their own path in life. However, the same cannot be stated when it comes to their interpersonal relations. Before you dwell into conclusions, let’s just clarify. The problem occurs because they trust others very easily and, therefore, often get cheated.

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    When things don’t go well, they get very confused and issues get complicated. And this complication leads to their inner feeling or peace getting damaged. They get into problems very easily and tend to have a lot of backbiters. People often talk bad about them behind their back.

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    It is said that those belonging to this zodiac sign find their pleasure in family-time but at the same time, are very confidential about their problems or fears. The Cancerians are very moody people. They act mostly on their impulse and that is the prime reason they come across as a person with too many mood swings.

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    A phrase that defines a Leo best is ‘bold and beautiful’. They hardly depend on others for the completion of any task and are good at taking care of themselves. They are pretty comfortable in their personal as well as professional life. However, the only major issue with them is that they have an inflated ego. So, to keep a Leo in good spirits, do not forget to pamper their ego a bit.

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    Virgos may come across as dominating probably because they aspire to do their best in whatever comes their way. They are perfectionists and workaholic and hence, they get stressed quite easily. To add to the woes, they cannot help but think a little too much about any issue they face, so much so that they overextend a task that could indeed be very simple.

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    They despise negativity and do not believe in keeping their feelings about a person or situation to themselves. In fact, they prefer talking about it and sorting things. But they may start expecting a little too much from the person they are dealing with. Even when the other person makes extra efforts for them, it’s not enough and they seek more.

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    People belonging to this zodiac sign are very energetic but they also often get stressed out easily. The best part about this zodiac is that they constantly work towards getting better. However, they are not good at keeping their own secrets. There’s nothing much negative about Scorpios, as they are chilled out even in serious situations.

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    Sagittarians may be a role model as bosses for many, but they are pretty selfish when it comes to knowledge sharing. No doubt, they are smart and hard-working, but at the same time, they are scared of downfalls. They learn things from others but refrain from sharing their own bit of knowledge with others.

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    People belonging to this zodiac sign are among the most confident of the lot. They are extremely hard-working and goal-oriented people who take utmost care of their personal as well as professional paths. What does not work from them is their fluctuating mood and lack of tolerance level.

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    Aquarians are the most special of all zodiac signs. They rarely get stressed, they are emotional and extremely caring, easy-going and welcome with open arms whatever comes their way. And what’s even better is that they hardly have any negative trait.

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    Pisceans may show concern towards the feelings of the other person but they lack the zeal to take risks. They are a little too concerned about their reputation and do not venture into anything that puts it at stake.

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