Real Weddings: Against All Odds (and Covid-19!)

A story that brings much cheer in these difficult times. Pallabi Baro tells us how she and Francesco Alivia braved a pandemic to have their wedding

Team Brides Today
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    "We met four years ago in Milan. Several dates and a lot of globetrotting followed—including Francesco travelling through five cities with the ring in his pocket and not getting caught! He finally popped the question on an emotional New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Jodhpur in 2018."

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    "We spent several months planning and finally froze on a March 2020 wedding. The venue:a palace in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and a guest list spanning the globe! What we didn’t anticipate was coronavirus disrupting our meticulous arrangements. Less than a week before the wedding, restrictions on foreigners travelling to India were imposed and we had to face reality: our celebrations stood cancelled."

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    "Distraught, we went to Thailand, a place that held many special memories for us. At the Phuket resort, preparations were underway for a wedding that evening, and suddenly we knew what we wanted. We got married on the beach the next afternoon. In attendance were our friends Luca and Livia,who were backpacking in Thailand and travelled 10 hrs by road to reach in time. We spent the morning of our wedding in flipflops and swimsuits as we planned the ceremony! Luca officiated and Livia walked me down the aisle."

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    “Our wedding rings were simple gold bands gifted to us by Francesco’s mother. They belonged to her grandparents, who were happily married for 57 years. These bands have witnessed history—wars, famines, and everything else that happened in that period—and survived it all.”

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    "Always go for the simpler things. Take one step at a time and remember, what matters most is teamwork."

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