8 Healthy Foods to Keep Warm, According to a Nutritionist

Steaming, fragrant curries to crisp, sautéed vegetables and more, nutritionist Karishma Chawla shares a warm food list of ingredients to add in your meals to keep cosy.

Arpita Kala
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    Expert speak:

    "When we transition into winter, a few things happen, but one is a noticeable shift in the behaviour or attitude. There is a transition from feeling energized to feeling lazy and sleepy. And we do know that food can very well determine our mood and behaviour. Food is energy and is functional to the body, so here are some warming foods that can help overcome this feeling," says Karishma Chawla, nutritionist and lifestyle educator.

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    Turmeric is known as a warming food and specifically a herb. It has a protective effect on the gut lining and liver. It helps the body to break down food that improves nutrient absorption. It helps to fight inflammation and helps to protect the heart and is beneficial for the treatment of arthritis. It also serves as an antioxidant and is considered as a brain-boosting herb. Consumption: It can be added in herbal teas and is liberally used in Indian cooking such as curries, lentil dals, vegetables and soups.
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    Bajra is an excellent warming food and the potential health benefits of its consumption are weight loss, blood sugar balance and most importantly helps with digestive health. Consumption: This can be consumed as a roti at mealtime or as a chilla at snack time.
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    Nuts and seeds

    Nuts and seeds are rich in phosphorus compounds, which are fuel for our batteries and are great warming fuel sources for cold weather for example almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. These are best eaten as an evening snack or at bedtime snacking. Consumption: Seeds and nuts can also be added in warm soups.
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    Ginger has thermogenic properties that help keep you warm. It also helps to boost metabolism, promote blood flow and aids in digestion thus help against obesity. Consumption: It can be added in tea or as a side dish
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    Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in blood sugar regulation. Also helps to reduce gas, relieve constipation, treat infection and is excellent warm food. Consumption: Garlic can be added raw or roasted in dips and dressings or cooked with foods.
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    Onion is the most popular ingredients in almost all cuisines across the globe. It helps keep the body warm in winter. Onion is effective against many harmful bacteria while serving as a food fuel for the beneficial bacteria and thus, helps to boost digestive health. Onion may also have some cancer-preventive effects. Consumption: A hot cup of onion soup would do complete justice to this warming food.
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    Apple makes excellent warm food. Apple is rich in polyphenols such as quercetin that aids in digestive health. Apple consumption may be protective against cancer and asthma. It is high in soluble fibre and low in the glycaemic index and hence beneficial for diabetics. It also helps to remove uric acid from the body. Consumption: This can be consumed as a mid-morning snack.
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    Lean meats

    Lean meats like fish and chicken have a warming effect on the body. These proteins again have a thermogenic effect raising the body’s metabolism. Consumption: These can be easily consumed at mealtimes or even added in soups.

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