6 Tips to Build a Picture-Perfect Instagram Feed

Digital marketing experts and co-founders of Studio Click, Meghna Pahwa and Roshni Thakur share tips on how to ace your Instagram game.

Diya J Verma
When it comes to social media—Instagram, in particular—establishing an aesthetic that stands apart from the rest is the ultimate goal. From picking a colour palette to create uniformity and rhythm to paying close attention to your story highlights, note these 6 Insta-tips that will take your feed from drab to fab in no time!
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    Meghna Pahwa and Roshni Thakur, Co-founders of Studio Click

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    Pick a Consistent Colour Scheme For Your Feed
    Colour is the single most important thing when it comes to creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. Establish a set colour scheme or palette for your account to make images and videos look like one curated collection, rather than a jumbled hoard of disconnected moments. Once you’ve picked out your colours, seamlessly incorporate them into your content. Even if the content isn’t identical from post to post, a uniform colour palette is naturally pleasing to the eye and will bring your page together.

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    Discover the Power of Editing
    The most cohesive Instagram aesthetics will have a defined editing style. It should look as if it were created on the same day, and in the same light. Basically, there mustn't be any flip-flopping between dark and moody images and light and bright content. The easiest way to ensure this consistency is to edit your photos with presets!

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    Think About the 'Bigger Picture'
    When creating a brand on Instagram, design keeping in mind a grid—and then break it. Remember, an Instagram feed is a combination of images related to one another, which suggests that it incorporates individual images as well as a grid of image thumbnails. In short, it should tell a story—your story.
    Pro Tip- Use UNUM, a great app to organise your Instagram.

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    Meticulously Plan Out Your Feed
    If you want your Instagram feed to look thoughtful and professional, carefully planning it out is the only way to make that happen. As and when you plan out your feed, you’re able to gauge which posts look best next to each other—and ones that don’t. Besides saving your precious time, through consistent and constant planning you'll be able to enhance your overall aesthetic too.

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    Beautify Your Story Highlights
    Another minor tweak that has a rather large impact on the overall look and feel of your Instagram feed is your 'highlights' covers. When you choose colours and icons for these covers that match and compliment the overall aesthetic of your feed, you add an extra visually-pleasing element to your picture-perfect profile. Everything, together, will convey your voice, personality, and will guide your followers to instantly recognise your content when it appears on their Instagram page.

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    Go Beyond Your Feed
    Even if you manage to create a consistent, visually-striking Instagram feed, but the other components on your page don’t match, your audience might wonder what’s going on! A good place to start is with your Instagram stories. Once you’ve managed to establish a unique Instagram aesthetic, develop a style guide so that you have something to refer to when creating content for your stories. This will help you align your future content with the existing look and tone of your page, along with guiding your audience to acknowledge your statement vibe.

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