6 Arm Exercises You Can Do WIthout Weights at Home

Celebrity fitness expert Deanne Panday shows you how to tone your arms at home

Chirag Mohanty Samal
Want sculpted arms but you are still skeptical about joining the gym, given the current situation. Well, there’s a way out. You can work those arms and key upper-body muscles with your body weight at home. Yes, you don’t even need dumbbells or resistance bands! Celebrity fitness trainer Deanne Panday, shows some easy exercises you can do right now to get toned biceps and triceps of your dreams.
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    Exercise 1
    Plank to Upward Dog
    This works on the chest, arms and lower back.
    How to do: start in a plank position, tummy tucked in and body aligned in one straight line from head to toe. Lower down slowly toward the floor, elbows tucked in towards your waist. Hold. Raise up to an upward dog position, shoulders away from your ears and back. Go back to plank position. Hold and repeat.
    Reps: 12 to 15

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    Exercise 1, Modified Version.
    How to do: start with knees on the ground. Then lower yourself into a a partial push up position, just above the ground with elbows tucked in. Hold. Move to upward facing dog position. Hold. Get back to a partial push up plank position. Repeat.

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    Exercise 2
    Plank, Leg lift, Push up.
    Works on the arms (triceps, shoulders, biceps) and upper body, lower back and the core.
    How to do: start in a plank position with one leg lifted straight out. Keeping the leg lifted lower down slowly in a controlled manner.

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    Exercise 3
    Superman: this exercise works the shoulders, lower and upper back, glutes, hamstrings and increases core strength.
    How to do: Lie on your tummy, lift your hands and legs up like in a superman pose. Keeping your legs lifted, move your hands towards your lower back. Hold.

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    Exercise 3
    As shown in the picture bring your hands to the lower back and then take them to the front, as if you were swimming.
    Reps: 15 reps

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    Exercise 4
    Elbow Plank to Downward Dog.
    Works on triceps, shoulders and upper back.
    How to do: start with an elbow plank position with tummy tucked in.

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    Exercise 4
    Lift up from this position to a downward dog (as shown in the picture) and back in one movement to an elbow plank. Repeat.
    Reps:10-12 times.

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    Exercise 5
    Tricep Push-ups.
    Works on the tricep/wobbly arms or granny arms.
    How to do: Start with a plank position, place your arms together, fingers in a diamond position. Thumbs touching and four fingers forming a diamond shape.

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    Exercise 5
    How to do: Lower your body down slowly to almost above the floor (as shown in the picture). Elbows go out to the side. Hold. Raise back up. Repeat.
    Reps: 12 times

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    Exercise 6
    Plank to Push Back.
    Works on the upper back, arms, the core and hips.
    How to do: Start in a plank position. Move back to a push back position with chest touching your thighs and knees turned outward. Stay on your toes. Hold.

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    Exercise 5
    Go back to plank position (as shown in the picture). Repeat.
    Reps:15-20 times.
    All of the 6 exercises are to be done in 3-4 sets. Make sure to breathe. Do not hold your breath. Keep the movement slow and controlled.
    Deanne says, "I prefer an entire upper body workout as it burns more calories compared to just isolation work. Take minimum rest between reps. Between sets take 2-4 minutes rest. The idea is to do these exercises non-stop. When you break into a sweat the metabolic rate improves."

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