5 Ways to Tone Your Arms With a Towel at Home

Need no equipment to tone those arms!

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We all want toned arms. But how do we get them without hitting the gym? Vesna P.Jacob, holistic fitness guru, physiotherapist, Pilates expert and author, steps in to our rescue with a set of exercises. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have weights at home, all you need is a bath towel. “Exercises with a towel will improve your mobility, strengthen and tone your body. Take any fairly large towel and fold it to the thickness you are comfortable holding in your hands and width in which you can comfortably hold your arms above the head, and you don’t have to move the head forward. All the exercises are to be done with feet hip width apart and knees soft. Repeat 10-20 times for each.”
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    Arms Up & Down 
    Start from the shoulder height in front of your body and lift the arms up above the head as far as your body allows you to. Breathe in as arms are down, exhale as you move your arms up.  Do not allow your middle back to arch, keep your core engaged.

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    Shoulder and Biceps
    Keep the towel above the head and pull it down and behind the head. At the same time, pull the hands apart stretching the towel.

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    Back Shaving
    This exercise is fantastic to get rid of so-called bra fat. Lean forward, to try and get your body as parallel to the ground as possible.  Place the towel behind the back, inhale and bend and extend the arms. Try to your elbows as close to the body as possible.

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    Wiping the Back (Side to side)
    This exercise is great for posterior muscles and triceps. Imagine you are wiping your back. Hold the ends of the towel behind your body and the towel taut and move side to side.


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    Wiping the Back (Up and down) 
    This exercise to similar to the previous except you are moving up and down, hold one hand behind the neck and the other middle of the back and imagine you are trying to dry the area between your shoulder blades. Extend and bend your arms with a minimal movement of your elbow.

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