5 Lifestyle Changes to Enhance Your Mood and Mental Health

Feeling nervous about your wedding day? Or are you stressed about something not going as you planned? Well then, here's help.

Arpita Kala
Then wedding celebrations may have gotten smaller in the Covid-era but the stress remains the same. From seating issues to dress fittings and more, a bride's checklist of things to do seems to be neverending.
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    At times it can seem overwhelming and you may be inching closer to a nervous breakdown. However, just take a deep breath and scroll down to know how you can tackle the situation. 

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    Expert speaks:
    "Feeling nervous ahead of your special day is just part of the entire wedding experience. You are planning the biggest day of your lives, but thoughts like what if it does not live up to your expectations? What if no-one turns up? And above all what if everyone turns up, and they don’t fit your seating arrangement, continue to run over your mind. Before you even know it, you are caught in a spiral of anxiety, wedding nerves are getting the better of you, and the tension is starting to pile up with sleepless nights having begun stacking up. An effective step that can facilitate in enhancing your mood and mind health alongside managing your pre-wedding anxiety is by adapting to simple lifestyle modifications," says Kanchan Rai, mental and emotional wellbeing coach, and founder of Let Us Talk. 
    So, here are her tips to keep cool, calm and just enjoy the process: 

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    Create a stress-busting, self-care routine 
    "Self-care is all about the small techniques and lifestyle alterations you can make to aid in upholding your physical as well as psychological health. Paying attention to yourself is vital. It is okay to feel like you require a break or to take time out from your everyday tasks and big wedding primacies to just sit back, have a moment to yourself, and concentrate on how you are doing. Self-care is all about recognizing your own requirements. Identifying that you are feeling stressed out, nervous or anxious about your wedding planning is a great preliminary step. By concentrating on what exactly might be causing these feelings, you can generate a plan to aid you to acknowledge how you are feeling, uphold these feelings, and determine effective ways to cope with it."

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    Boosting your confidence and reducing anxiety with mind therapy 
    "If you have been feeling apprehensive about your big day, hypnotherapy can aid you to not only feel at peace but can also boost your self-assurance levels preparing you for the events lying ahead."

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    Practice relaxation methods 
    "These techniques will reduce your overall stress levels. Practices like mindfulness meditation, yoga, deep inhalation and progressive muscle relaxation can bring back your mind and body into a harmonizing state."

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    Fuel yourself healthy to feel better 
    "What we eat has a huge impact on how we feel. Following a wholesome diet can uplift our energy, enable a good night’s sleep and recover our overall sense of wellbeing."

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    Seek help when you need it
    "Most lifestyle changes can be boosting, some fluctuations may be challenging if being used as an emotive crutch. These might require to be dealt with carefully, and with professional support."

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