15 Bachelorette Party Favours Your Girls Will Love

Wondering what to get your #GirlSquad? We've got you covered!

Team Brides Today
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    A pair of customised sunnies and a bohemian tote is a perfect bachelorette give-away!

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    Customised flasks and glasses are all things cute, and are inexpensive too!

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    Neon coloured 'squad' hats and caps are a great way to capture those insta-worthy photographs with your girl gang. 

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    All you bridesmaids sure need your beauty sleep!

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    If not flasks, customised tumblers with either 'Bridesmaids' or each one's name printed, will make for a memorable favour. 

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    Wherever in the world you may be, you need to get that manicure and pedi right! 

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    A perfect way to reminisce about your bestie's bachelorette, on those solo sundowners.

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    With the fanny pack in trend, this is the best bachelorette favour you can give your girls!

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    Inexpensive as well as adorable, bridesmaids pins are all things cute!

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    No one ever minded a little lip care kit!

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    Travel suitcase tags will serve as a constant reminder of your fun weekend bachelorette getaway! 

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    Satin scrunchies for the win!

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    A beauty essential, these makeup kits are for every girl out there. 

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    Why not take a rosé home too?

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    The much-needed hangover kits are always a good option post those party nights. 

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