13 Elegant Flower Vases To Beautify Your New Home

Place fresh fragrant flowers in these chic vases, and luxe up the ambience of your home.

Diya J Verma
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    The Kassel Brass Vase from Good Earth, constituted from a rolled brass sheet that is decorated through simple hand etched patterns, is the perfect way to add a touch of royalty to your home decor. 

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    Adding a graceful charm to your home decor, this Stellar Celestial Cutwork Vase from Home Centre, is the perfect way to bring in a fresh look this season.

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    Another stunning vase from Good Earth, the silver plated Andijan Vase would make for a picture perfect table centrepiece. 

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    A Mora Taara offering, hand-crafted meticulously from ceramic in serene white, with the addition of intricate 3D flowers, this vase is sure to add a touch of elegant to your home. 

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    For the minimalist couple, the Steel and Brass Kesar Vase from the Jaypore Label is a must-have. 

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    Chic and luxe, the Midas Gold Metal & Glass Vase from Address Home is nothing less than extraordinary. 

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    The Rainbow Indoor Planter by Apartment 18 is an ideal pick for the stylish and modern couple. 

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    The Champagne Gold Indoor Metal Planters (set of 2), from The Decor Remedy, is a sophisticated and classy way to feature your succulents. 

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    The Test Tube Vase (set of 3) from Nicobar, showcasing an unusual and interesting design, can surely serve as a conversation starter on your housewarming party.

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    The Ombre Handblown Glass Decorative Vase from Dekorcompany (set of 2), is a show stopper and adds a hint of style to brighten any corner of your home.

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    The Adrut Planter With Stand from Fabindia, is an ideal choice to satisfy the bohemian soul who wishes to decorate their home 


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    The Unique and elegant Flourishing Leap Planter features thick walls and weighted base to ensure durability and prevent breakage, something you definitely need in your new home.

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    The Melissa Glass Vase from Home Artisan, offers up a touch of visual intrigue to your space, while its colour lets you decorate with a vibrant appeal. 

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