10 Stunning Ways To Add Carnations To Your Wedding Decor

We provide you with inspiration on how to incorporate beautiful carnations to your wedding decor.

Diya J Verma
Decorations are one of the most essential elements of any wedding. Thereby, it is of heightened importance that you ensure your special day is not special only to you, but memorable for your guests as well. It is in the decor department that flowers play an important role, helping elevate the visual appeal and aesthetic of your wedding and making it incredibly pleasing to the eye. While a bunch of flowers add to the magnificence on your big day, carnations play a particularly significant role. Often utilised on special occasions, they have several meanings and express love, fascination, and distinction, depending on their colour. In order to add a traditional touch and deeper meaning to your D-day, here are some ways to incorporate it into your ornamentation.
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