10 Feel-Good Supernatural Movies To Stream This Weekend

Slightly scary, slightly tear-jerking and loads of happy endings...these movies will help you escape to a fantastical place!

Arpita Kala
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    Witches looking for an anti-ageing miracle, a cash-strapped prince charming trying to save a damsel in distress and a shooting star (that's actually Claire Danes!) - this movie has everything a perfect fairytale needs. Stream it on Netflix.

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    What happens when you become a father to the Devil-reincarnate himself? Well, you'll have to stream to know! Stream it on Netflix.

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    A dark fantasy romance about a human falling in love with a non-human creature being held in a laboratory. This movie is going to tug your heartstrings. Stream it on Google Play Movies.

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    Julia Roberts as the evil stepmother adds a great twist to this classic love story with streaks of horror in it!
    Stream it on Netflix.

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    A witchy, cool-girl version of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, this flick is all about when magic goes wrong and will teach you MANY life lessons. Stream it on Netflix.

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    Ghosts with regrets in a hotel for the dead and a heart-wrenching love story twisted in, you won't regret pressing play! Bonus: The food visuals are SO drool-worthy, so sit prepared with snacks. Stream it on Netflix.

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    This tale of feminism and female empowerment has a rather a horror-esque setup but you will emerge feeling emancipated rather than scared. 
    Stream it on Netflix. 

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    Teen witches, time- travel and gorgeous aesthetics, this anime series deals with a girl who has lost her sense of colours and her journey to rid her affliction. Stream it on Amazon Prime.

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    Starring Tom Hiddleston, this is a spooky, erotic tale with a few vampiric moments.
    Stream it on Vimeo.

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    Sure, this is scarier than anything you may have watched but the quiet companionship between the ghost-hunting couple is #relationshipgoals.
    Stream it on Netflix. 

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