Skipping Meals? 5 Ways To Get Fitter The Healthier Way

Nutritionist and naturopath Renee Grandi shares her tips to get fit and fabulous without skipping your meals!

Despite the common perception that skipping meals is going to reflect positively on the waistline, this could not be further from the truth.

"Crash dieting can put extra stress on the body. If you are alternating between crash diets it can confuse the metabolism. This is because your body thinks it’s in survival mode and can defensively slow the thyroid down to conserve energy causing fatigue. This generally forces you to rest and store macronutrients as fats for famine deprivation," says Renee Grandi, nutritionist and naturopath at luxury wellness destination, Chiva Som.


Here are her 5 suggestions to get fit instead of crash-dieting:

Keep it wholefood! This is #1

Carbs are not the devil but it’s important not to overdo it on them, keep them wholefood e.g. legumes, beans, rice berry, quinoa, sweet potato, beetroot and pumpkin.

Aim for well-sourced ingredients, it’s all about quality not quantity

Try not to overeat, watch your portion control. You might want to try intermittent fasting instead. Keep it constant and in moderation.

Always fill half of your plate with vegetables

"Keep your diet varied, wholefood and well-sourced as much as possible. When it comes to foods everyone is different and can have different reactions. Again, everyone is different and it’s important to identify why for that individual. For instance, if you are suffering from dull skin, it may be from iron-deficient anaemia, insufficient digestion, chronic fatigue due to stress or so forth," she adds.


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