Seven Ways to Infuse Mint in Your Dinner Party

Summers demand a refreshing palette and what has a more cooling affect than mint? Mint offers itself as a perfect ingredient for a full course menu, here is a list of seven ways how you can add mint at your dinner table.

There is no dearth of options for using mint in food—use it as a vinaigrette in salad, or in dressings and sauces for a nice kick to your savoury dishes. Appetisers using cucumber go very well with mint, as do dishes with pomegranate, adding a Middle Eastern flavour. When it comes to beverages, you really are spoilt for choice. Mint is a great addition to summer coolers and infuses a great, refreshing hit to cocktails. Use it liberally in sangrias and juleps, and even in sweet, iced teas.

1. Mint Pomegranate Raw Cake by Vie De La Vegan



2. Mojitos by Genius Kitchen



3. Mint macarons by Annabella Patisserie



4. Mint cocktail by Angry Orchard



5. Steak by Platings + Pairings



6. Wedding cake by Kelly Lou Cakes


Photography by Leek Meek Photography.


7. Mint soup by Secret Flavours


Photography by Easy Weddings.


 Assisted by Manveen Guliani.


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