Have You Ever Thought Of Tying The Knot In One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World?

Plan your wedding in Jordan for a truly unique and unforgettable experience, straight out of your bucket list.

The chronicled country is a crossover of Asian, African, and European cultural influences, where you can take mud baths in the Dead Sea, trek through ancient trails to old ruins, or visit the archaeological marvel, Petra.

At the Mövenpick Resort Petra, you can choose the historic Jordanian city of Petra as the backdrop for your big day and create memories for a lifetime, set in a romantic candle-lit site. The property is located directly at the entrance of Little Petra, a close drive from the Rose Red City, in an area surrounded by Nabatean temples and extraordinary views of Petra, the world Wonder.

1_100519040340.jpgMövenpick Resort Petra

3_100519040421.jpgMövenpick Resort Petra

2_100519040511.jpgMövenpick Resort Petra

On the shores of the Dead Sea, the backdrop of the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is equal parts modern and romantic. Rendered with panoramic views of the ocean, is its stunning terrace—a fitting venue to host sunset cocktail receptions, luncheons, glittering parties, and an open-air wedding ceremony.

6_100519040618.jpgKempinski Hotel Ishtar

7_100519040647.jpgKempinski Hotel Ishtar

8_100519040712.jpgKempinski Hotel Ishtar


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