Curb Your Snack-Attack The Nutritionist-Approved Way

Give the gooey chocolate cookies and crunchy wafers a rest with these expert tips to curb your binge.

Whether you are stressed or just plain bored during the current lockdown, snacking seems to be everyone's favourite activity at the moment.

So, if your constant snacking is veering into an unhealthy territory and affecting your fitness goals, here's help. Minal Shah, Senior Nutrition Therapist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund shares 10 ways you can avoid doing exactly that:

1. Most of the time you are not hungry, you are just restless. So stick to the meals pattern of four major meals- breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner only. Set a specific time for each meal

2. Plan your menu for the week and follow it based on the resources available to avoid overcooking and overeating. Manage your resources wisely

3. Consume adequate liquids in between the meals, such as buttermilk, lemon juice, milk, soup, fruit-infused water, ginger and lemon decoction etc. This will help keep you full fora small period of time and helps avoid snacking in-between a meal

4. Avoid sugary beverages like syrups, fruit juice, carbonated beverages, etc.

5. Have low-calorie snack as back-up like cucumber with yoghurt dip, apple with peanut butter, carrot with dip, dark chocolate 1-2pcs, fruit yoghurt etc.

6. Make sure to stay active by incorporating a workout as a part of your daily routine to maintain energy expenditure

7. Ensure fibre as a part of every meal in the form of vegetables and salads. Fibre will keep you full fora longer time and has a number of health benefits such as controlling cholesterol, maintaining blood glucose levels, and increase in satiety. It also helps tackle constipation

8. Try and avoid ready to eat and processed foods like biscuits, chips, chiwda, cup noodles, etc. Instead, stock up on foods like ready to make idli and dosa batter, or opt of quick snacks like omelets, seviya upma, oats, moong dal dosa that have nutritional value

9. Try and make your own snack-not only would you learn or hone your cooking skills, but also have a better perspective of the food you eat

10. Keep some backup snack options like sprouts, nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, roasted chana etc to snack, as a healthy alternative to deep-fried or sugary food items like wafers, biscuits, etc.


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