Cheese Board 101: The Ultimate Guide To Assemble A Gourmet Cheese Platter

Chef Parul Pratap, Executive Chef - Music & Mountains, gives you the lowdown on how to achieve an Insta-worthy cheese platter.

Is there anything more luxe and palatable than a perfect cheese board, accompanied with some fine wine? Absolutely not. However, the beauty of the good-old cheese board doesn’t end — or even begin — with its namesake ingredient. It is the careful curation of several ingredients that results in this snack-able delight.

To impress your house-guests by getting it right the very first time, we got an expert chef to share the tricks up her sleeve. And, don't forget to say 'CHEESE' when you're clicking your picture-perfect platter for your Insta feed!

chef-parul-pratap---executive-chef-music-and-mountains_052020051031.jpgChef Parul Pratap, Executive Chef, Music & Mountains

Mix Up The Cheese Selection

A cheese board is incomplete without an abundance of cheese! Everyone must be able to pick their favourite cheese from the spread. Choose between hard and soft cheeses, such as fresh and aged, cow, buffalo or even goats milk cheese.

Pick Seasonal Fruits

Pair your cheese with a selection of seasonal fruits. From strawberries and grapes to kiwi and cubes of mangoes, add a refreshing touch to your cheese board. Also, please note, melons and hard aged cheese are a match made in heaven!

Meat Up!

Cold cuts are ideal for a cheese board. Include salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, salmon or even crispy fried bacon to add a bit of heat to your platter.

Don’t Keep It Dry

Adding a couple of dips to your cheese platter is always a good idea. Sour cream and chives, hummus, hung curd and garlic dip, guacamole, the sky is the limit!

Savoury Sides FTW

To add a bit more substance to your cheese platter, a few savoury sides are welcome. Crackers, soup sticks, cheese twists, and even salted biscuits, all make for a more wholesome and substantial platter.

A Few Extra Trims

To ensure that your cheese platter tastes just as good as it looks, addition of a few exotic elements is a must. Elevate your cheese platter with a mix of green and black olives, cornichons or mini pickled cucumbers, capers, pickled pearl onions, roasted green peppers or whole jalapenos.



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