BT Explores: A Honeymoon In Turkey

From pristine coastal towns with untouched beaches to hidden villages tucked into the rocky landscape, Turkey has it all. 

Turkey's romantic appeal lies in its obscure villages scattered across the country or along the coast, where you and your partner can spend time uninterrupted, basking in the country’s natural and architectural beauty. Here's your Blackbook to planning the perfect honeymoon in Turkey. 

How To Get Around

With a host of airlines to fit your budget and schedule, Turkey is easy to navigate by plane. The major carrier is Turkish Airlines, which connects cities within Turkey and out of the country as well. For short-haul routes within Turkey, Pegasus Airlines and Atlasjet are good alternatives.

All three carriers run from the main airports within Turkey- Istanbul Ataturk International, Izmir’s Adnan Menderes and the smaller, Milas-Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya airports. 

The airlines are clean, tidy and on time, while the airports offer a fantastic on-ground experience as good as the ones in Europe.

The most popular mode of transport is a bus or coach for long-haul trips of more than four hours across the country, while smaller road trips are invariably served by Dolmus (small mini-buses). The main coach providers are Pamukkale, Metro, Kamil Koc and Varan.

For short hauls across cities and coastal towns, you’ll face the sweatier version — riding a dolmus. “Dolmus” in English means “stuffed,” so stuffed it will be, with tourists, locals and maybe an odd chicken or duck going to the market. Dolmus travel is the way to get from point A to point B locally. There is usually a piece of paper at the front of the bus informing you of the costs and destinations. Otherwise, asking the driver or if you’re staying at a hotel, showing the driver business cards from the front desk, can get you effective results. 

dsc_0274-1080x772_090319080522.jpgAlacati, Turkey

Places To See


Lined with historical remnants from its Roman past, Istanbul is a treat for culture hawks and history geeks. From Hagia Sophia and its importance for peace and harmony to the Blue Mosque and its stunning blue interiors to the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul's oldest and largest souk, the city is a gem and has something for every couple. 

istanbul1_090319080556.jpgThe Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting a local ḥammām‎‎ is a treat that no traveller should skip. If you go traditional, you can have a wash and massage too. usually, a staff member of the hammām is in the bath and they get you all cleaned up and massaged. Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hammām is the best and most opulent hammam in the city and we totally suggest you try it. 

image_090319080636.jpgAyasofya Hurrem Sultan Hammām, Istanbul, Turkey


If you've always dreamt of watching the sunset with your lover from miles up in the air, cosy-ed up in a hot air balloon, Cappadocia, in Turkey is your destination. A picture-perfect moment, tourists and travellers alike from all over the world flock to this place, for their chance to have this once in a lifetime experience. It is one of the most popular ballooning destinations in the world, and the entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage site in recognition of the unique cave style architecture and the fairy chimneys. You can enjoy the view not just from the balloon, but you can also hike, or get a horseback ride to the viewpoint to watch hundreds of balloons going up all at once with the sunset in the backdrop. 

cappadocia-turkey_090319080743.jpgCappadocia, Turkey

When it comes to unique places to stay, Cappadocia wins hands down! The region, known for its elaborate network of caves, has numerous cave hotels, some of them being uber-luxury destinations in themselves. 

We suggest the Museum Hotel, which is a Relais & Chateaux hotel and a testimony to the luxury experience it promises. Sprawling across one of the higher areas in Goreme, there is a stunning outdoor pool, rooftop restaurant and a great terrace area which is one of the best sunrise viewpoints to watch the hot air balloons. 

qiongru-191122011147-khinh-khi-cau-o-cappadocia_090319080815.jpgMuseum Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey


If looking out at the Mediterranean is your idea of an ideal honeymoon, Turkey’s west and south coasts have no shortage of beach options. Gökçeada is one of Turkey's largest islands but is still pretty unknown. Take off to this paradise for some romantic alone time, lounge on its remote beaches, as you watch the azure waters of the Aegean shimmer in the Mediterranean sun, explore cute, off-the-road villages or try your hand at adventure sports like paragliding and kitesurfing. 

1415401289938_090319080855.jpgGökçeada, Turkey


Pamukkale translates to ‘Cotton Castle’, and we can see why. The city is famous for its pure white thermal baths where you can immerse yourself in the warm turquoise water. Formed from the hot springs of Cal Mountain, these basin pools have developed due to flowing down of white travertine deposited in the form of terraces. Legend says these baths have healing properties. For the view of a lifetime, go paragliding over the sparkling travertines and Hierapolis ruins.

f8nm5b_090319080936.jpgPamukkale Thermal Baths, Turkey

All in all, we truly believe Turkey is a treat for the soul and still undiscovered as a honeymoon destination. If you're the kind of couple that loves exploring the unexplored, this is the place for you. 


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