A Quick and Easy Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe For a Busy Weeknight

Skip the take-out this week, this chicken stir-fry with crispy spinach is the real deal.

A quick whip-up on those hectic, 'not-in-a-mood-to-cook' days, Chef Ravi Saxena, Head Chef Mamagoto, shares his signature 'Chicken with Anise and Crispy Spinach' recipe for you busy-bees. Packed with healthy, tender-crisp veggies, incredibly juicy chicken, and an exceedingly addictive sauce, you won't need to turn to Asian take-outs no more!

Find the detailed recipe for Chicken with Anise and Crispy Spinach, down below:

  • Ingredients:

150 gms Sliced Chicken, fried



30 gms Oil

15 gms Chopped Garlic

15 gms Chopped Ginger

10 gms Star Anise

10 gms Dry Red Chilli

30 gms Spring Onion, diamond cut

100 ml Water

3 gms Five Spice Powder

5 gms Sugar

10 gms Oyster Sauce

10 gms Dark Soy Sauce

15 gms Chinese Wine

5 gms Lemon Juice

5 ml Light Soy Sauce 

5 gms Chilli Paste

100 gms Fried Spinach

5 gms Potato Starch Water

100 ml Oil for frying

5 gms Brown Garlic, for garnish

5 gms Spring Onion, for garnish



1. Take the chicken, egg, salt and cornflour. Deep fry the marinated chicken in tempura for 3 minutes, until yellow.

2. Deep fry the spinach leaf into two halves, in tempura.

3. Wok toss dry red chilly, garlic, aniseed and water in oil.

4. Add fried chicken, oyster sauce, broth, sugar, chilli paste, five spicy powder, dark soya sauce, cornflour, lemon juice and Chinese wine.

5. Serve in a wok with fried spinach leaf.

6. Garnish with brown garlic and spring onion.


Ready, set, eat!


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