A Pan-Asian Rice Bowl Is All The Comfort Food You'll Need To Get Through The Week

A spicy, hearty Bangkok rice bowl? Hell yes! Mamagoto Head Chef, Ravi Saxena shares his signature recipe for this Asian soul food.

A super easy and ultra-delicious Pan-Asian bowl is ALL you need to get through the week! A quick whip-up after those long weekday work nights, this recipe is sure to bring a wide smile on your face after a hectic, tiring day of work. Also, besides being big on flavour, it's all things healthy! So binge-on, guilt-free.

Find the detailed recipe for Spicy Bangkok Bowl, down below:


  • Ingredients:

40 gms Soya Keema

30 gms Corn

30 gms Green Zuchini

30 gms Yellow Zuchini

5 ml Lemon Juice

25 gms Black Mushroom

2 gms Basil

15 gms Garlic

2 gms Cut Red Chilli

15 gms Cut Green Chilli

15 gms Chilli Paste

15 gms Red Curry Paste

Tomato Ketchup

5 gms Oyster Sauce

120 ml Water

10 gms Sugar

1 gms Broth

150 gms Oil

Black Pepper

15 gms Red Curry

40 gms Potato Wedges

Light Soy Sauce

5 ml Rice Bowl - 1 Por

Fresh Basil



1. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped garlic, red and green chilly, and saute. Following this, add crushed black pepper.

2. Next, add the red curry paste and ketchup.

3. Then add oyster sauce, water sugar broth powder and basil leaves.

4. Finally, add the soya mince and vegetables, and cook well.

5. In a separate pan, toss the sticky rice with the ingredients as given.

6. Place the rice in a serving bowl and add the cooked vegetable and soya mince over it.

7. Garnish with fried potato wedges and basil.

8. Serve hot.


Ready, set, eat!


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