9 Ways To Give Your Regular Pizza A Gourmet Upgrade

Chef Utkarsh Bhalla, Brand Chef - Sly Granny, gives you the lowdown on how to upgrade your at-home pizza, gourmet style!

Do you find yourself stuck in a dilemma? Fretting when it comes to ordering food from outside, but still desperately craving non-home food? We feel you, and the best solution we could think of was to bring the two together. If you can't order your 'fav' pepperoni-pineapple pizza from the eatery around the corner, why not bake one right at home! But of course, with a restaurant-like, gourmet touch.

utkarsh-bhalla---brand-chef---sly-granny-_052620053459.jpgChef Utkarsh Bhalla, Brand Chef, Sly Granny

We got Chef Utkarsh Bhalla to help you get the oven ready...

Include the Freshest, High-Quality Ingredients

Its time to go beyond tomatoes, peppers and pepperoni! Give your pizza a farmers market treatment by making use of the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Roasted root veggies and greens including baby spinach and kale, are sure to not only make your pizza ultra-appetizing, but also healthy!

Skip the Grated Cheese, Find An Alternative

Avoid grated cheese if you can, as they have anti-caking agents that might spoil your pizza. Go for whole cheese instead, which you can dice or grate at home. Use fresh mozzarella or bocconcini as it really elevates the dish, making your pizza look as good as it tastes! (Something Insta-worthy for those Instagram addicts)

Avoid a Burn-Out

Instead of adding fresh ingredients and herbs such as basil, on top of the cheese, add them on top of your tomato base sauce and cover with cheese. Placing your garnish on top of the cheese (as you probably would) might burn, turning black and bitter. Thereby, the layer of cheese will prevent the herbs from burning. You don't just want to stand there and watch it burn, do you?

Garlic Butter > Regular Butter

Why not brush your crust with garlic butter instead of regular butter? Garlic butter gives a much-needed flavour burst and makes your pizza all things crusty!

A Tomato Base Sauce Alternative?

One can also make a green pizza without using a tomato base. Opt for pesto instead, a palatable alternative. It’s also a great way to use pestos before they oxidize. Just spread pesto on the base, add on some cheese and top it with olives and roasted garlic.

Get Nutty

Toss in some toasted nuts including pine nuts, walnuts and shaved almonds, to add a unique texture and a delectable roasted flavour.

Gourmet Toppings

Gourmet toppings? Goat's cheese, thyme, fresh figs, feta cheese, FTW!

'Leave' it please!

Go Green! Add salad leaves just before serving. Arugula leaves dressed with some olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper? Yes please!

A Dash of Olive Oil

Use flavoured olive oil to drizzle over your pizza before serving!


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