8 Signs You Are Going Overboard With Your Sweet Tooth!

From mood swings to sudden food cravings, here are some signs that you may be addicted to sugar!

From celebrating joyous occasions with sugary, syrupy sweets to drowning sorrows in a sinfully chocolatey slice of cake or two, sugar is an integral part of our everyday diet. However, there can be times when you may just go overboard with your sugar-eating habits and that may take a toll on your health.

Payal Rangar, nutritionist and weight-loss consultant agrees.

"Sugar is a natural ingredient which has always been a part of our diet. They are found in most foods that provide the energy needed for our body. However, nowadays sugars are also added to a lot of foods to enhance their taste, texture and flavours. You might be thinking you don't eat that much sugar but the truth is you might be eating sugar without realizing it," she says.

sugar addiction

So, she shares some signs you are addicted to sugar that you need to watch out for:

Having a BIG sweet tooth

"People with a sweet tooth crave sugar because their bodies have become physically addicted to sugar. Eating sugar stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain and stimulates similar changes in the brain as addictive drugs."

Bingeing on sugary foods

"You double or triple down on servings of sweets to satisfy cravings and gorgeous well past the point of satisfaction."

Sugar crash

"This happens when your body reacts to a large amount of sugar by producing a large amount of insulin in order to metabolize the sugar in the blood. This creates a sudden drop of sugar and can leave the body feeling exhausted, as there is no sugar left to power it."

Craving simple carbs

"Croissants, white bread,  pasta, white rice, are the most popular simple carbohydrates that sugar addict will crave."

sweet tooth

Mood swings

"If you need a constant drip of sugar into your system in order to keep your mood stable, then you might be addicted to sugar."

Secret stash

"Hoarding sweets in a safe place to guiltily eat in private is a sign of sugar addiction."

Using sugary foods as a reward

"You regularly go out of your way to reward yourself with sugary treats."

You just can't stop

"No matter how hard you try to stop, you give in to sugar cravings again and again."

Well, now that you know the signs, it's important to address the issue and get healthy. Payal suggests making some cleve dietary changes to help with that. "If you think you are addicted to sugar, try adding more protein and fibre in your diet to keep up your energy levels. Having a regular exercise regime and hydrating well can also help," she says.


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