4 Ways to Make Your Regular Coffee All The More Delicious

Lavazza India's Head Trainer, Abdul Sahid Khan 'spills the beans' on the coffee hacks that'll give your morning cuppa an instant upgrade!

In the past few years, scientific research conducted on caffeine, including studies carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) have revealed the many benefits of coffee intake. From reducing the risk of developing cancer to prolonging life expectancy and providing anti-oxidants to the body, we can safely say that your cup of goodness has it's hidden advantages, most of which people are unaware about.

From an iced coffee that uplifts your spirits during sultry summers to a hot cuppa happiness that provides the much-needed warmth and comfort during winters, no one deserves anything short of fabulous, delectable coffee. So keeping your best interest in mind (and of course, your coffee addiction) we got Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer at Lavazza India to share some tips and tricks that'll make your coffee all the more palatable!


Coffee has a range of taste notes, however, most people tend to focus on its bitterness. In order to offset the bitter taste in coffee, add a pinch of salt to your cup. The addition of salt neutralises the bitterness and acidity in coffee, enhancing its inherent sweetness. Contrary to popular belief, research has proven that salt may serve the purpose of neutralising bitterness in coffee more efficiently than sugar!


Another easy hack to counter the bitter taste is to add cinnamon or chocolate shavings to your coffee, along with some brown sugar. Did you know that studies suggest that smelling cinnamon could improve your processing power? Yes. Adding cinnamon to your coffee also takes up the anti-oxidant level a notch higher. Well, excuses aplenty to consume coffee!


Aren't regular ice cubes too cliche? Opt for coffee cubes instead! Over time, ice cubes dilute the flavour of the coffee. To avoid this from happening, make cubes out of coffee instead of water while making a cold brew. By doing this you will be able to retain the original flavour of coffee.


Overheating may leave an unpleasant, burnt taste on your tongue. To ensure that you skip on this unwanted flavour, do not heat the milk above 70°C in milk coffee.


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