4 Ways To Give Your Coffee A Luxe Upgrade With Irish Cream Liqueur

From desserts to rich, creamy cold coffee, here's how to make your coffee multi-task to create tasty treats.

Arpita Kala
Mornings are just not the same without a cup of delicious coffee brewed or chilled just the way you like it. Isn't it? Well, if you are looking to add an extra dose of punch and flavour to your regular coffee, here are some ways to give a quick luxurious upgrade. Beverage expert Mayur Marne, Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador shares his recipes on how to use your regular brew to create decadent desserts and weekend party drinks:
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    •    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml 
    •    Freshly brewed black coffee 30 ml
    •    Large scoops vanilla ice cream / Butterscotch 
    •    Pour Brewed black coffee in Chilled whisky glass 
    •    Add Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur
    •    Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream/ Butterscotch
    Glassware: Whisky Glass 
    Garnish: Grated Dark Chocolate and Almond on top/Coffee beans (Optional)

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    Cold Coffee

    •    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml 
    •    Black Coffee: 50 ml
    •    Vanilla Ice Cream: 2 scoops
    Method : 
    •    Pour 60 ml Cold black coffee in a whisky or highball  glass then add 4 cubes ice 
    •    Add Mixture of Baileys and vanilla ice cream [ 2 scoop ice cream and 50 ml Baileys ]
    Glassware: Whisky Glass or Highball glass
    Garnish: Coffee Powder Sprinkle

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    •    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml 
    •    Milk: 250 ml
    •    Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: 2 tablespoons 
    •    Dark Chocolate: 30 grams
    •    Sugar: 1 tablespoon 
    •    Whipped Cream
    •    Chocolate Sauce
    •    Dark Chocolate 
    •    In a small saucepan, heat up the milk. Add cocoa powder and chocolate and stir with a whisk until the chocolate has melted.
    •    Turn off the heat and add Baileys. Taste it and add sugar to your taste.
    •    Optional: Top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings.
    Glassware: whisky Glass or coffee Cup
    Garnish: Chocolate sauce and Grated Dark chocolate 

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    •    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml
    •    Smirnoff vodka: 20 ml
    •    Black coffee: 20 ml 
    Method :
    •    Add 5 cubes ice in a whisky glass 
    •    Pour 20 ml Smirnoff and 20ml black coffee along with 50 ml Baileys.
    •    Give a gentle stir and enjoy your Baileys White Russian.
    Glassware: Whisky Glass
    Garnish: Cherry

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