12 Great Books To Cosy Up With This Weekend

Make the most of isolation by staying one place while letting your mind wander with a lovely read.

Arpita Kala
From classic favourites such as Charlotte's Web to authors Susan Sontag and Haruki Murakami's eclectic visual approach to life - this list by Le Bristol has something for everyone. So, download it on your Kindle or just read it online for a fuss-free, peaceful day.
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    Love Agent 007? Then this one is a sure-shot win for you with the signature Bond plot involving diamond smugglers and plenty of action. Fun fact: This was the 7th instalment in Bond movie series and starred Sean Connery as James Bond.   

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    Penned as a memoir of her time spent with her ailing daughter, the American author describes it as - "Blue Nights is about what happens when there are no more stories we can tell ourselves, no narrative to guide us and make sense out of the chaos, no order, no meaning, no conclusion to the tale." 

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    If you have read Kafka On The Shore or Norwegian Wood and loved them, this may help you give an insight into Murakami's creative mind.  

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    This book is a treasure trove of previously unpublished poems and drawings by the singer that were written during his time at a Zen monastery in California as well as in India. As he puts it in one of his poems -
    I know she is coming
    I know she will look
    And that is the longing
    And this is the book.

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    If you re-watched Marriage Story/Modern Love on loop, you may want to NOT pass up on this realistic (and award-winning) take on modern marriage.   

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    A usual love story rather unusually and interestingly told. The romantic and philosophist in you will love this one.   

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    Jane Eyre is a classic but here's a version told amazingly from a feminist perspective.

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    Missing your daily dose of Indian sitcoms? Pick this one up and thank us later!

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    Nope, there is more to photography than just selfies and Instagram. This brilliant read will tell you all about it.

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    Close on the heels of his novel The Great Gatsby, that shook every millennial after seeing Leonardo DiCaprio playing the titular character onscreen, this one is yet another take on the roaring twenties and romance. 

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    With poems such as The Good Child's Guide to Rock 'n' Roll and The Loch Ness Monster's Husband, age is just a number if you want to snuggle up with this one.  

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    A roller coaster of emotions, you will cry and shed happy tears too with this book. Call it a literary massage for the heart

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