10 Foods That Will Give You a Better Love Life!

Potent aphrodisiacs that increase erotic stimulation and boost your stamina, dietitian Mehar Bakshi shares exactly what you should eat to enhance your intimate moments with bae.  

Arpita Kala
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    "This fibrous vegetable is not just something you eat when you are on a diet. This low-calorie green is considered as the sexiest veggie for sexual stimulation. Celery contains chemicals known as androsterone (a hormone released by men that appeals to women and getting them in the mood) and androstenol which makes the couple feel more sexually attracted to each other."

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    Dark chocolate
    "Mood upset? Grab a bar of chocolate. Chocolates are always a happy treat which helps in relieving stress and boosting energy. Serotonin and endorphins are the two chemicals that release when we consume dark chocolate. Majorly, it doesn’t have any immediate effect on the libido but is extremely beneficial to uplift the sexual stimulation."

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    "Safeguard your sexual health by having figs. Figs are rich in amino acid that regulates sexual stamina, stimulates fertility and boosts libido."

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    "Scrambled, fried or poached, eggs are considered to be one of the best food to charge you up. They are an excellent source of Vitamin B6 and B5 that are helpful for healthy erection, balance the hormones and fight stress. Eggs are full of protein and are known as a symbol of fertility. In addition, eating eggs prior to sex is considered to maximize libido and boost energy levels."

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    "The king of fruits has Vitamin E, also known as the sex vitamin. Vitamin E is amply present in mangoes that helps to regulate sex hormones, boosts sex drive and improves libido in both men and women."

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    "Zinc is an essential component to boost libido in both men and women. The seeds of strawberries are loaded with zinc making you feel more sexually driven. High zinc levels in women can help women get in the mood for intimacy. For men too, zinc levels decrease during the intercourse and so, they need to restock on it because it is responsible for producing sperms."

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    "Peaches are rich in Vitamin C that helps regulates libido in women and improves the sperm count in men. Reportedly, foods that are high in this vitamin have shown to improve the mood by enhancing the sexual drive."

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    "Almonds contains the essential amino acid Arginine which improves the blood circulation in the genitals which in turn intensifies orgasms. Also, they are a great source of fatty acids that increases endorphins while making you feel more relaxed and sexually driven."

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    "Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Potassium are the three essentials for a healthy sex drive. Folic acid gives you more energy by metabolizing proteins whereas Vitamin B6 (a nutrient helpful in increasing male hormone production) and Potassium (helps regulate a woman’s thyroid gland) is helpful in stabilizing the hormones in both men and women."

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    "Bananas are always known as a happy fruit because it increases the production of a happy hormone called serotonin. Not only it makes us happier but is capable of improving our libido. It helps in increasing the testosterone levels, boosts energy and improves prostrate health. For good effects, have two bananas before bed."

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