The FENDI Fall/Winter 2018 Men's Eyewear Collection Is Out And We Are Awestruck

FENDI’s latest men’s eyewear collection 'Play Me' is striking, yet very classic. Grooms-to-be, pay attention.

Strong, classy, and fashionable. FENDI’s latest men’s eyewear collection 'Play Me', explores the rockstar-side from the life of Jamie Campbell Bower, delineating a snap of Jamie’s off-duty moments before a concert in Rome. Born in London, in 1988, Jamie Campbell Bower is an English actor, singer, and model.


By mixing subtle rugged look with class, Campbell perfectly personified the FENDI Man’s DNA in a film which is comic yet dramatic. The film effortlessly grabs the attention of eye-wear fanatics and perfectly delivers its message to its audience.


Inspired by the optimistic and positive energy of the Fall/Winter 2018 Men’s Collection, FENDI eyewear is casual, yet very fashionable. The masculine appearance of the collection makes it ideal for the season.

Jamie Campbell has just the right amount of laid-back look in the campaign, which redefined the new collection. In the video, Campbell is seen in a hotel room where he finds a video of beautiful Roman landscapes, buildings, and streets and him being shot secretly. The video showcase the stunning collection and Campbell looks absolutely striking.  


Quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are very prominent in the collection and we expect nothing less from FENDI. 



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