Millennial Brides, Meet Abhinav Mishra's Winter-Festive Vision in Mehzabeen

With couture colour-play and eclectic wedding ensembles, the designer is set to charm the modern bride.

“An Abhinav Mishra bride is a reflection of the budding new India – vivid, dynamic, lively but elegantly grounded to their history and traditions. She is fearless and confident, making a difference to the world with her humble and culturally rooted nature.”

The designer recently made his elaborate runway debut at Amaara Farms in New Delhi, presenting his couture designs to the tune of Sufi music by Nizami Brothers.

Bridal reds but more…


While the ambience was very festive and traditional, the clothes were a breath of modernity. Apart from the usual bridal red, hues of mustard yellow, powder blue, ivory as well deep tones of emerald green, sapphire blue and more also dominated the runway.

There was also a gorgeous all-black lehenga in the lineup as well as the one worn by the muse and showstopper, Sonam Kapoor, in the brand’s signature colour – pink.

“Today’s bride is so much more than the traditional red and makes changes to what’s been the pattern and the norm. Having worked closely with millennial brides, I’ve learnt that they want to stay traditional but also want to add in their own vibe, their own colours and their own personal style to their wedding wardrobe,” he says.


The designer’s wedding decor company, Rani Pink, with his business partner Anika Dhawan seems to have inspired the collection too. He says, “We’ve witnessed a lot of brides like the wedding decor to complement their outfits as well. Traditional reds and maroons still have their place but brides are also progressively going for their own favourite colours. I’ve always worked with pastel colours right from the start so I didn’t veer too far away from what I do and chose to stick to my staples even though you will see darker colours in my collection too, perfect for the winter season ahead.”


Mirror, mirror in the trousseau

Abhinav’s brand of effortless elegance has impressed many brides, especially the signature mirror work in his creations.

He has used them to create de-constructed motifs as well as prints. The vintage feels of mirror work mixed with contemporary silhouettes creates an interesting, graceful addition to festive wear. And, of course, it completes the ‘something new, something old’ aspect of your bridal trousseau.


Abhinav says, “Mirror work has a beautiful heirloom quality to it as well, it can be passed on to generations and that is something I truly get inspired by. Giving the handcraft a modern outlook has really helped in its revival. The younger generations love these contemporary designs and that’s been a major inspiration for me to keep working on this craft. Mirror work can be used in so many different ways, not just to enhance the motifs but create a whole new motif. My vision is to take the art form ahead and consistently innovate with it to create new designs.”

Wedding lehengas that you can pass down to your future generation? Now, that’s a sustainable millennial motto we can get behind!



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